Monday, May 25, 2015

Another Recycled Pair of Jeans

Can you guess what this is?

In my house it is wise not to leave jeans lying around as I have a habit of snatching them as a potential canvas for future craft or sewing projects. I love to recycle jeans! The fabric is durable and seldom worn out after their useful life as jeans. This particular pair of jeans was cut off for shorts which leaves two very useful pant legs behind.

I made my sister a microwaveable heat pack a couple of years ago. She has used that thing every day since. It was on the smaller size and she uses it around her neck. She asked if I could make a larger one for the lumbar area of her back. Well, here it is!

It is large and it is full of rice! I was so tempted to try it out as I have a few aches and pains of my own but decided against it! It is a gift afterall.....

These loops on the end are constructed from the bottom of the pant leg--the hem line. These can be used with a belt or tie so that the bag will stay in place without having to hold it. The rice pak easily wraps around the back and covers a lot of lumbar territory!

The handles are also useful to carry the pak because there is a lot of rice in there and it is heavy! It folds in half for easier toting.

These whip up in no time flat. I like to take advantage of seams that are already in place. I only had to sew the two end seams as the pant leg was already sewn. I did opt to sew in four compartments to keep the rice from sliding to one side. I find it really annoying when that happens!

The thing I love about denim is that is goes with anything and it can be custom wrapped depending on the taste of your recipient. Remember: presentation is everything!

In this case I will be using a kraft gift bag and some tissue. My sister does not share my obsession for everything lace so a jute tie, kraft tag and bag will be a perfect presentation.

This turned out so well that I may use that last leg to make a rice pak for myself. I use them everyday and in the winter I use more than one at a time to keep myself toasty warm in the evenings!

......and here we have Miss Ellie.....she was sitting in a chair that she clearly did not fit in and she was pouting because I was sewing and not paying her enough attention! She did pick up a few grains of rice that fell out of the bag as I was pouring rice into the pak so pick up was a snap! Now for some Ellie and me time........

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