Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Floral Feast for the Eyes

Today I am going to take you on a stroll through a greenhouse that we recently visited. We went to  purchase annuals for a flower bed in our front yard. Since this post is photo intensive some of you may choose to run through while others may want to stroll through leisurely and take in the beautiful array of colors that sure are pleasing to the eye! (I apologize for that black border around the photo above--no matter how many times I changed it to white, it kept reverting to black and I finally gave up on it!) come along with me and enjoy the view! How charming is this little wooden plank walk way--the sides lined with sweet flowering plants?

The first plants we are greeted with are geraniums. These are some of the most beautiful geraniums that I have ever seen. They remind me of my grandmother. My grandmother loved geraniums and she had an amazing green thumb! Her plants were every bit as lush and healthy looking as these! The colors of these plants are breathtaking!

Moving on to some hanging beauties!

For as far as the eye could see, there were so many hanging pots full of the most beautiful posies!!!
I'll take one of each......actually these pots were so large that as soon as I lifted one I realized it was too heavy for my shepherd's hook.


I found myself totally intrigued with the succulents! There were so many varieties! Recently I have seen blog posts with container gardens full of these little gems. I would really like to try one myself.

......this is an interesting way to display them!

Gerber daisies! I don't know what it is about these, but they just make me smile! I love gerber daisies! 

Foliage plants: I have seen some beautiful container gardens made up of foliage plants. Coleus in one of my favorites.

These were so pretty!

I love the vibrant red! We usually plant petunias--the wave variety as they spread quickly and look lovely cascading over the side of our retaining wall.

Below:  These are quite pretty in pink, orange and red. Are these an impatien vatiety? They were loaded with buds!

More petunias....

and more.....

I love looking at these flowers! The creamy, pale yellow is just so pretty!

These are beautiful too!

More petunias.....

This was a totally unexpected scene but a cute way to display some flowers.

Look at this mass of lavender, violet and purple! So lovely!

On the way out, I snapped a photo of this pretty hanging pot of petunias. It sure makes a statement sitting on the white pedestal! I love this!

I hope you enjoyed your little walk through the greenhouse! It was just one of several greenhouses on this farm. The grounds were also full of perennials, trees, bushes etc. We had already walked through the other area before it occurred to me to snap some photos.

We return here every spring to purchase our annuals and perennials. It's a family run farm, everyone is so friendly and the service is great!