Saturday, May 16, 2015

What's New?

Spring has sprung! Our cherry tree in all her glory!

I believe it has been a couple weeks since my last post. Where has the time gone! I haven't forgotten about any of you, honest! We have just been so busy.

.....and Spring has sprung! We literally went from the 30's to 90's one day! This week we started off in the mid 30's and over the course of the day the temperature climbed 35 - 40 degrees. The temperature range makes it difficult to pick an outfit for the day. I actually changed my clothes three times on one of the fickle days we had!

Last weekend we headed to Rhode Island to move a load of "stuff" out of my daughter's dorm room. It was about 7 hrs in the car that day......We will be making a run this weekend as well, though this time she will be coming home with us. She will be with us for a week and then we will bring her back to school and move her into a new dorm for the summer. She has a summer Resident Advisor job as well as a full time job in a gift shop.

I have also been spring cleaning! Purging! Organizing! I am sorting through clothing and donating a lot! If I haven't worn it in say 5 - 10 years, my guess is I don't need to hang on to it.

I have been sewing some and crafting, learning my way around my cricut explore. This machine is nothing short of a miracle! I can't say there haven't been several episodes of severe frustration in the process. There is quite the learning curve with this cutter but then again I have absolutely zero experience to fall back on. Let's just say I have been watching lots of videos on youtube!  I worked on a major project that took me hours and hours but cannot tell you about it because it is a surprise for a friend and she might see it! But I have been taking photos because I plan to share it at some point.

Drawstring Pocket Bag!
Yesterday while sorting through and organizing my sewing shelves, I came across a bag that I made from a cut off pant leg of my husband's pants. I blogged about it back quite some time ago when I had 1 or 2 readers....... Original 2012 post can be found here:  Click here to see post! Anyhow, after I found it, I decided to use it to go out to supper. I needed something to bring my phone and wallet in. It was perfect!

The back side of this bag features a pocket which was cut off of the pants and stitched right on to the bag! It's small but pretty functional.

Anyways, my husband asked me if I felt like going out for supper last night and after a full day of cleaning, he did not have to ask twice! YES!

We went to one of my favorite places and it happens to be a few blocks from our house. They have outside seating that is so nice in the evening. If you go late enough the little lights in the tree are on. It's like dining in the Secret Garden!
This little vignette was right next to our table! On the other side of the fence, there is more seating but it is close to the street. I much prefer the seating  on the patio. It's quieter and so charming.
They make their own sangria in white or red. I like them both! They are very refreshing on a warm evening plus you get a full serving of fruit! LOL!
I ordered half a tomato pesto sub and half a Caesar salad. Delicious! Hands down they have the best Caesar salad I have ever had!
After supper, we headed to my favorite local antique shop and I picked up two items: a beautiful gold
runner for $2.00 and a white, round tablecloth for $3.00.
I love this piece! The lace is so pretty! It's almost as long as I am tall!
Here is the tablecloth. I cannot wait to clean both of these so I can use them!
Lots of luscious white lace on this tablecloth! .....and neither piece broke the bank!
Next week I will be busy with my daughter home, fixing all of our favorite dishes, shopping, visiting family and friends. We have a lot of ground to cover in 6 days but I hope to post a couple of times here as well as catch up on some reading. I feel so out of the loop and miss reading the posts of my dear blogging friends. Hope all is well with each of you!