Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Day Gone Wrong--Doggone Wrong!

Where do you find inspiration for your craft and sewing projects?

 One of my favorite things to do in the evening when I am too tired to sew or craft is to look at old issues of my craft and sewing magazines. I am often drinking a nice hot cup of tea too. The following tidbit may be just too much information but here goes:   before I can do either of these things I have to be sporting a comfy pair of pj's. There you have it--my idea of a perfect evening! It may sound boring but sometimes it's just what I need to get the old creative gears cranking in my head......

Lately though, I seem to have a one track mind. Linens are my inspiration for everything.....One trip to the antique shop and I can find plenty of inspiration.

My growing pile from the past month or so......

Last Thursday I went to a favorite shop to check out the stock of vintage linens. I went without the intention of buying anything but of course left with a few things I couldn't leave behind. I spent a whopping $13.

I found a ziplock bag full of  ecru and white vintage pillow cases for $4.00. I washed them right up and ironed them nicely. Just look at all that lovely crocheted lace! The lace alone is worth more than that!

Dish can never have enough of these! I love linen towels and at .50 to $1.00 it is money well spent! I would much rather have these sweet little dish towels than any of the new mass produced towels that are in the stores.

The dish towel on the left is one I bought earlier in the month. I found the one on the right during my most recent trip and was so excited to have a matching pair! These are just the sweetest and they are in mint condition. I doubt they were ever used!

These pieces were in a bundle of other linens. Why yes that handkerchief is monogrammed with an "L" for Linda! It was just meant to be!

This dresser scarf was also in the bundle with the items above.

This was my ironing board after I washed and carefully pressed each item!

Which leads me back to inspiration. LINENS!

So today I was excited because I had an entire day to sew up a storm and a mass of linens to draw inspiration from.. My husband was out of town for the day and it was just me and my dog Ellie......but my dog had other ideas. 

My dog loves (is obsessed with) the next door neighbors and they love her too!  She hasn't seen too much of them over the winter because we had a major pile of snow  dividing our two yards and barricading us in. 

This morning I took Ellie out to do her business and as soon as she saw our neighbor in the back yard she was off and I was airborne. She totally forgot to do her business but she got some one-on-one with the neighbor. I brought her in and tried to sew but it soon became obvious that I was not going to accomplish much. She sat by the window all afternoon watching my neighbors entertain. The she wanted to go out over and over again, she wanted something to eat, she wanted attention......soon my husband's boots appeared mysteriously in the middle of my living room, a little tub of putty was on the loveseat and she grabbed a pair of scissors off my table while my back was turned and well....that was the last straw. I proceeded to have a discussion with the dog about how unsafe it was to run with scissors in her mouth.....

This is when I determined it was just time to call it quits. Today was clearly about her and not about sewing. I did manage to cut out a tote bag and I quickly stitched up a phone case which I displayed at the beginning of this post. It isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it did get done and it is definitely inspired by my love of  linens. I even used a scrap of lace leftover from one of my heart pillows. It took about 15 minutes because that's about the largest stretch of time I had between doggy distractions.!

I had the entire day to sew today and sadly all I sewed was this little phone case. I'm not even going to try to sew tonight. I am going to put on my comfy pj's, make myself a nice hot cup of tea and sit down with my two new Stampington magazines: Mingle and Haute Handbags. I love these magazines and every page is such a feast for the eyes. I am looking forward to reading their issue of Willow and Sage too. If you are not familiar with their magazines check out this link:

My sweet Ellie.....she really is very sweet.......I adore her!