Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Glycerin Soaps: Quick and Easy! So Pretty too!

April and May are busy months in my family! There are many, many birthdays to celebrate and of course there is also Mother's Day. We used to hold off and have one big celebration on Mother's Day but now that my girls are out of town, two still in college, all working, it is difficult to get everyone home on the same day!

Today I went out to get a bundle of birthday cards and since Michael's is in the vicinity of where I was running errands, I had to stop......of course. There I purchased a supply of cardstock since it was 5 packages for $10. I also picked up some supplies to make glycerin soaps. 

The glycerin comes in a big chunk and I used my 50% coupon on it. There are a few types. I purchased olive oil glycerin. I also grabbed some coloring, essential oil (lavender) and a basic soap mold.

This project could not be easier and it does not require a whole lot of time, just a few minutes, really!

Here are the steps.....

1.) Melt 4 oz glycerin in microwave in glass bowl....about 1 min. (I used a clear glass batter bowl with a handle. Use extreme caution as the glycerin gets very hot.) Stir every 15 seconds or so. (4 oz makes one bar of soap and I melted them separately so I could make them different colors.) I also added scent to just one soap bar. I didn't love the smell. I will be shopping around for essential oils later....

2.) Add coloring and essential oil. Stir gently.

3.) Pour into a mold. (Pay attention when pouring that you do not let the glycerin overflow as I did in the lower left section of the mold.)

4.) Let cool for 40-60 minutes.

5.) Then pop out of mold and wrap in plastic.

Here is my first bar below. It is a pale lavender and it is scented with lavender oil.

Next, my pale peach bar of soap, no scent added.

and my favorite:

I love the color. It looks like sea glass! After I wrapped each piece in plastic wrap,  I took out my stash of pretty papers and wrapped up each bar of soap and tied a bow of raffia.

Aren't they cute? Someone in my family has been asking for glycerin soap. Let's hope she misses this blog post of mine!

These were remarkably easy to make and I only used half the glycerin so I will be whipping up another batch this week. I love a quick project that produces such sweet results!!!! This was some good, clean fun!!!!

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