Monday, February 9, 2015

From Sew What to Snow What!


Another snowstorm in NH

You know that saying about being in a snow globe and someone keeps shaking it? That certainly applies to my world right now.It has snowed so much for so many days that I cannot keep the snow storms straight. We have had two storms in the last two days--one lasting all day today actually, it is still snowing tonight AND we have another one coming Thursday into Friday.....along with some bitter cold temperatures! One positive note about the snow--IT IS BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT!

The snow blower could not blow over the snow bank so my husband is 
shoveling. He also removed snow in places to make more room for more snow. Not that we need any more!

I was inside all day today so I finished 4 more little mauve colored cherubs for my ETSY shop. They were fun to work on. I added some vertical lace trim from my vintage stash and I also used little vintage inspired buttons on their halos.

I was determined to work on making some iron on labels for my angels today too. I have been wanting to put my shop name on them somewhere but didn't want to sign them and make a mess on the back. So I decided to use iron on labels. They were easy to make and look great on the back.

The flip side of my angel ornament

The four angels are identically made with the exception of the little vintage inspired buttons on the crowns. Two are tiny rosebud buttons, one is a daisy and the other is a plain button.

This cherub has a rosebud button on her halo.

I will be listing these little angels on ETSY tomorrow.

Anyways, I am itching to get to my favorite fabric store to look for some fun spring fabrics so I hope we have a break next week from all this snow. 

 I don't mind snow. I actually love the feeling of being stuck inside for a day. BUT now there's just no easy way to move it out of the driveway-- the banks are so high. So I am putting in my order for some unseasonably warm weather....and by warm I mean above 30 degrees. When the thermometer says 7, my body says hibernate! Or eat, then hibernate! When I roll out of my cave in the spring, it;s not going to be pretty!