Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Inspiration--A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Okay, the Superbowl is over so now I can start thinking about Valentine's Day! I don't like to gloat but can I just say YEAH PATRIOTS!  That's all I promise!

I have been punching hearts with my 3" heart punch! You can never have too many hearts with Valentine's Day just around the corner.

I stitched some vertically so I can hang them from the light fixture in my dining room.

I will put up one more string of hearts but I wanted to get photos while there was still good light. We are in the middle of another snow storm. We must have over a foot by now.

I like these simple heart decorations because they are..... simple! I also like them because they are never still. They twirl constantly and it's rather cute and charming I think!
I will also string some horizontally to hang at the top of my curtains. It's just an easy, peasy way to add a touch of festivity to the room.


I am decorating cookies for some little favors to give away. I found these snack sacks at a grocery store and I love them for small favor bags. They can easily be decorated for any holiday. I used some for small Christmas gifts too!

I used my edge punch and punched a pretty lacy edge on the bag and folded it over. I stamped a trio of hearts at the bottom
 and tied it up with twine and ribbon.

After that, I realized that one of my little 3" hearts would make a very cute gift tag so I untied it and added a heart.

You can write a little Valentine's Day greeting on the back to your recipient.

I love the edge and I could never be without my edge punches. They add such a nice touch.


The other day I stitched up a pair of slippers (a practice pair) and decided to stitch up another pair today. Since they are pink, I will include them in this very pink, Valentine's Day post.

With this pair I left out the batting and lined it with pink fleece. They are still remarkably sturdy even without the third layer. I also figured out where I was misunderstanding the pattern instructions so my next pair should go together in a breeze. Practice makes perfect!

This pair came out cute! 

These would make a most welcome, warm and cozy Valentine's Day gift too!

Well, that's all for today! I am heading back to my sewing machine! Hope everyone is warm! I am freezing and my husband just told me we have about 14 new inches of snow on the ground. It is still coming down! I am not complaining......

My word for the week is OPTIMISTIC. I will remain positive. Afterall, I decided on my word yesterday and the PATRIOTS won the superbowl! Did I mention that?

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