Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mums the Word!

Hello friends! Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. There are some nasty bugs going around, and what's going around, unfortunately came around! I have had "something" since last Wednesday and I cannot seem to shake it!

On one of my better days my husband suggested we hop into the car and go for a ride. We ended up at our favorite farm, "Walker Farm" in Vermont. It's really not too far from here and it was such a nice day for a ride.

Look at all these mums! I got the dreaded question...."which colors do you want?" When I have too many choices I am not always quick with decision making! We ended up getting some of each!

I love mums, that's for sure! But I also love other fall produce like pumpkins, gourds and squash....

I just like looking at them all.....

I especially love butternut  and acorn squash. I baked my first acorn squash of the season the other night and it was delish! I can't wait to make squash and pumpkins soups!

 These are some fine looking specimens!

This truck full of gorgeous red mums was sitting out front! My husband and I just loved the truck! I had to take a photo!

Now if I could just get healthy again to get my beautiful mums into the ground. I did manage to unload them from the back of my car. That is about as far as I got. They are neatly lined up on our retaining wall out front.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow! Goodnight friends!


  1. Hi Linda, Oh I so hope your feel better soon. Yes, there is a nasty bug going around here too and many have whopping cough which is highly contagious and takes weeks to get over.
    Glad your hubby took you out to the garden center to see such a beautiful fall sight. I love baked acorn squash too and baked a few several weeks ago. Gorgeous pumpkin shot and that great truck full of mums is a special photo.
    Hope you feel better soon my friend.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

  2. Sure hope you are feeling better now Linda! You sure took some gorgeous photos of all the mums, pumpkins and other fall color! I also love that old truck...reminds me of one my dad had many, many years ago. I've been anxious to pick up some mums but my summer flowers are still looking pretty good at this point. Take care and enjoy this wonderful and colorful time of year!

  3. Sorry to hear you caught a bug, that is the worse when they just don't want to go away and linger for what seems like forever, sure hope your feeling better today. Those were some great looking mums so full. My hubby tried Carnival Squash for the first time and says it is really good too ;)

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Your mums were beautiful. ;) I LOVE old pick up trucks. Coming here always makes me smile. I LOVE to see what you are up to.

  5. I'm hoping you're feeling much better now!!!
    Oh my...beautiful warm colors, and the truck is divine!!! I love mums!!!