Friday, June 5, 2015

Closet Cleaning--A Sentimental Journey

Today while going through some boxes in my closet, I came across a box that I had put away for safe keeping. Inside was this sweet little pale, pink dress that belonged to me when I was a baby. Isn't it darling?

My mother gave it to me with my birthday gifts a couple of years ago. With it she included an enlarged photo of  me wearing the dress. I love this little piece of my childhood and it is one of my most cherished treasures.

Here I am wearing this little pink confection! Below is the original photo....My beautiful mother looks so glamorous sitting outside with me on a blanket.

I believe this photo was taken in 1960 as my first birthday would've been that July and I am a year old in the photo. It appears some leaves may have already fallen on the ground so perhaps it is a beautiful warm, autumn day in September.

Some closeup on the details.....

I love the little tiny embroidered rosebuds above and below the pearl button.

In the back is a sash, tied up in a bow.

I have quite a few items from my childhood. Do you?

I have dresses that my three daughters wore as infants and toddlers too, along with their favorite toys and books-- all safely tucked away. Someday I hope they are as tickled as I was to receive some treasures from their own childhood.

Such a precious gift given to me!

This is probably why closet cleaning is never a quick project for me. I always find little gems that totally distract me . Today the distraction was this sweet little dress. Last week it was artwork that my middle daughter had done in nursery school. The week before that, we found a box of missing photos. Every time I clean a closet, I take a journey. It's always a trip down memory lane. Now you know why today I am still cleaning the same closet I was cleaning two weeks ago!

"Gonna take a sentimental journey,
Gonna set my heart at ease
Gonna make a sentimental journey
To renew old memories."
Bud Green

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  1. Oh, Linda, a sentimental journey indeed. I know you're glad your mother kept these things safe for you. The dress is darling but the look in your mother's eyes as she holds you is the real treasure. And I love that sweet gamin haircut of hers.

    I don't have any clothes from my childhood but I saved plenty for my kids and passed them on when they had children.

    1. Yes, so true Dewena! I love the way she is looking at me too! Regarding the little things we save, I just have the hardest time getting rid of certain things. Wonderful to hear from you, have a nice weekend Dewena!

  2. Nana is so stylish-- like Jackie O! Did she make this dress?

    1. Hi Jenn,
      Shouldn't you be sitting on a tropical beach?lol! Nana may have sewn this, not sure. I'll have to ask her. My guess is that with a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old she probably wasn't doing a lot of sewing then but I could be wrong. She does look stylish!!! I love this photo!
      Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Love you! Xo

  3. Oh Linda, what a darling dress and you, my dear, look absolutely precious in it! How special to have the dress and the lovely picture of you with your mother. Thank you so much for sharing this delightful post with Roses of Inspiration. Have a blessed Sunday. Hugs!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I do love that little pink dress! As always, I am happy to join in! Thank you for hosting! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Have a good week! Xo

  4. Linda,
    My first thought is will you be finding a way to display this priceless and beautiful treasure?? It is such a precious keepsake.
    Such a tender post and the photo has truly captured your Mother's love for you-which we know how much that is.
    Momma may have saved some things, I think I have a box, which of course is now in storage! I'll have to look:)
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend and I need to send you an email, I was wondering if you take special orders in your etsy shop?

    1. I would love to find a way to display this! i also have my grandfathers Christening gown and bonnet and would like a nice way to display that as well. Thinking about that.....Got any ideas??

      re: special orders, yes if you arent in a rush. feel free to email me and we can discuss.Have a nice week Jemma!