Thursday, June 25, 2015

Star Spangled Banner

One afternoon while looking for craft supplies (I was googling sources for ribbon) I came across a flag made from torn strips of fabric. I fell in love with the whole idea and have been wanting to make once for myself ever since. The photo I saw was at Since then, they have popped up on  PINTEREST and other craft sites and blogs. I love looking at the various flags to see everyone's take on the project, the different trims and ribbons used etc. They are all wonderful in their own, unique way!

So last Friday evening I ran out to Joanne Fabrics to gather some supplies to make my version of the flag I admired on I had the entire weekend to myself as my husband was out of town so I thought it would be the perfect chance to accomplish this project.

I tore some red, white and blue fabrics into strips and gathered additional coordinating trims. I used a cranberry red, cream and darker blue as these colors are more in line with colors found in my home.

13 stripes--1 for each of the 13 British colonies that declared their independence from Great Britain.
I wanted to make sure I got it right....begin with red, end with red....first long stripe is white.

Then I cut various trims to match each red and white stripe. I stitched them on to the fabric at the very top.

Here you can see the various trims used.

 I shirred them onto a wooden dowel after sewing a rod pocket at the top. Before I placed the last two stripes on, the dowel snapped. Grrrrr! My husband took note of my frustration and ran to get a rod that he had stored in the basement! Thank you to my husband for saving the day!

Another closeup

Note the position of the field of blue stars. The field of blue (the Union) should be on the upper left as shown when hanging in this position. Click HERE for further information on properly displaying the American Flag. 

Here is my flag hanging on a wall of my livingroom....

Here it is again suspended from a tree in my back yard, waving in a gentle breeze. I think I am going to add some additional lace to add a bit more fullness to it. I ran out of rick rack and wide lace trim just before the last two full stripes. I think I will also add a piece of lace to the top over the rod pocket.

This project requires minimal sewing. If you can stitch a straight line then you can easily whip up your own version of this flag in no time for your July 4th celebration.

"Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave."

Francis Scott Key

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lemon Cookies With a Twist

You may remember that fairly recently I made some lemon cookies that I absolutely loved. My previous post is HERE with links to the Enchanting Rose where I found the recipe.

I got to thinking about how good that cookie would taste as a thumbprint cookie filled with lemon filling and well.....I was right! they were delicious!

First I made some lemon pie filling from a box mix that I had on hand. Then using Stephanie's cookie recipe I baked the cookies just as I did before but this time as each tray came out of the oven I stuck my big ole thumb in the center to create a dent. Next I filled each cookie center with a small spoonful of warm lemon pudding. Once the pudding cooled,  I drizzled the top with a glaze made from confectioner's sugar, water and vanilla extract.

Very delicious,,,,

So I've been thinking again......what if I were to make a larger dent in the center, fill it with pie filling as I did here but top it with meringue and bake them just till slightly browned? I think it might just be the cutest little lemon meringue pie ever! They would make elegant little cookies for a party, bridal shower etc....stay tuned because you know I have to try it!
So there you have it.....a lemon cookie with a twist...a lemon twist! I must thank Stephanie again! 
Thank you Stephanie! I bet you didn't know just how inspiring a cookie recipe could be!

ps I am posting multiple posts because for the last couple of days I have been having trouble uploading photos to my blog but things seem to be operating better anyone else having trouble with photo uploads?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quick Stop Yields Vintage Treasures

Yesterday I had about twenty-five minutes before I had to be somewhere so I stopped briefly at an antique store in town. I mean, how much trouble could I possibly get into in such a short amount of time? Only $16.00 worth!

I purchased a fairly large collection of napkins, doilies, handkerchiefs and one large 60x84 tablecloth. 

The napkins are lovely. They were all neatly packaged in a zip lock baggie so it is always a surprise to go through and see what I got for $1.00. Yes..... that is one baggie bundle for a $1.00! I bought 5 baggies for $1.00 each and one baggie containing 4 mint condition napkins was marked $2.00.

There were multiple sets of four matching luncheon napkins. It's always a treat to get a set of four. I got a couple in this batch! When I got the the cash register, the very nice gentleman behind the counter, threw in a couple more for free! He calls me the "linen lady."

These handkerchiefs are so sweet....much nicer than many that I find. The three on the right are my favorites! They are so light and delicate!

These larger pieces are also quite beautiful! They were all in one baggie for $1.00!

 But this was my absolute favorite treasure because of it's pristine condition. It is an unbleached, natural hemp tablecloth, 60" X 84". I photographed it on the wrong side (which I just realized while writing this post)) It is gorgeous! It was only $9.00.

I washed them all last night and ironed them early this morning! I can't wait to place this treasure on my dining room table this afternoon. I love the color! It is slightly darker than it appears in this photo and it has a very warm, homespun appeal to it!

They are all folded neatly and sitting on my porch table at the moment. I just want to look at them before I put them away. I know..... it's a sickness....and I don't want a cure! 
Some I will keep, some will be used in future sewing projects. I already have some ideas!

Have a lovely weekend my friends! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something Old, Something New Again!

Something totally magical happened as I was about to construct another tote bag from a painter's drop cloth the other day. When I say magical, I do not mean fairy dust and bip-a-dee bop-a-dee boo! Let me explain....

I did not have enough of the last drop cloth to cut out another bag so I began cutting into a new, much larger drop cloth. This is when I discovered that not all drop cloths are created equally even though both were labeled 10 oz cotton.

The canvas on the bottom was used to make the polka dot bag posted HERE. You can see that it is smoother and finer. The canvas on the top is "nubbier."

After this particular cloth was washed, dried and ironed it had a much heavier but softer feel to it, more nubby too, if you know what I mean and it looked very similar to the fabric used to make my husband's Revolutionary War reenactment clothing. AHA! This will work perfectly as a canvas to create a tote using my vintage linens and doilies!

See the "nubs?" LOL! 

It looks a bit like a vintage collage on a tote bag! This took me two days to construct because I could not decide how to lay it all out. I didn't want it to be symmetrical or perfect and it's really hard to purposely create imperfection! Oddly enough, there are times when I am looking for perfection and it can be totally elusive! For this project I was looking for what I call "perfect imperfection'........and it was not easy folks! I think I eventually arrived at the look I was going for.....

The texture of this fabric is wonderful! I can see a million different projects ahead of me.....ok, well maybe not quite a million! My point is that I have found material with project potential!!!!

This may well be my new favorite bag! Mixing whites, with creams and ecru....well what could be more up my alley? If you follow me regularly, you know that I love these colors and they blend effortlessly to create an accessory that could easily be used with an outfit of any these colors! Throw some vintage lace, hand crocheted doilies and embroidered linens into the pot and you have one very happy creator!

Here are some close ups of the details!  The pockets were added purely for looks though two of the three pockets are partially functional. The third is sewn closed with a doily over it. Inside is generous pocket space!

See the texture....

This is the pocket that is sewn shut. Here is the back side....

The back side is accented only by the other half of a vintage, embroidered linen luncheon napkin that was used on the front. Which brings me to the inside! I love, love the inside!

To line the bag, I wanted to use vintage fabric but the prints I had did not look right. The lining also had to be lightweight because the main fabric is on the heavier side and let's face it, who wants to carry around anymore weight than we have to with a tote? Another AHA moment!

Remember that stack of vintage pillowcases I purchased? 

I deconstructed two beautiful vintage percale pillowcases and removed the lace edging. Then I cut the lining pieces from the opened up pillow cases. I sewed in a pocket that runs the width of the bag (but I used a fleece interfacing on the pocket for some sturdiness) I then edged the pocket with the lace edging.

This is not exactly the best photo of the inside of the bag but you can see the edging  and the pocket. I divided the pocket into two smaller pockets on each side of a larger center pocket. 
It looked exactly as I imagined and while I was ironing it, it smelled like it had just come off the clothesline as they had been recently laundered! Aromatherapy too!

So my reluctance to cut into more of my stash of beautiful vintage linens has been made easier by finding just the right background for such projects. (that's the magic!) This fabric would make gorgeous throw pillows, ruffled tablecloths, curtains and bedspreads, table linens.

 For grins and giggles I placed the drop cloth on my bed (which is only a full-sized bed) and the width was perfect. The length was a bit too long but with a hem it would be perfect. I am imagining ruffles....lots of ruffles! 

Definitely a perfect fabric for cottage, beachy, shabby-chic and many other styles of decor! It makes me want to run out to my favorite antique shop looking for just the right linens for another project--not that I don't have enough linens already!

Have a lovely day friends and thanks for visiting!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Couple of Shout Outs

Shout out #1.) Sunday morning I baked these delicious lemon cookies to bring to a friend! I tend to gravitate toward lemon desserts anyways so I knew I would love them husband on the other hand.... tends to base his dessert choices on how many pounds of chocolate chips are in them! So I was absolutely dumbfounded when he said, "these cookies are really good!"

My plate of lemon cookies went from this....

 to this in a very short time!

The lemon flavor is not overpowering and the confectioner's sugar lends a tad of sweetness. But the texture is amazing and when you bite into the cookie it is so nice and chewy! I am making these again on the weekend! My friend liked them and she said she had them for breakfast the next day! LOL! ,,,,the breakfast of champions, who knew?

I found the recipe on my friend Stephanie's Blog The Enchanting Rose . Stephanie's cookies came out prettier than mine. I was multitasking and did not keep a close enough eye on them. Some of mine got slightly browned. Stephanie's were perfect!  You can see for yourself by clicking on the link provided above. The recipe is worth taking down and easier than you might think! At any rate, these cookies are quite tasty, definitely delicious with tea and they are a wonderful addition to my cookie recipe collection. Thank you Stephanie!

By the way, Stephanie's talents are not limited to you will want to spend some time on her blog checking out her other talents!

Shout out #2.) 

I recently ordered this sweet little recipe box from my fellow blogging friend Celestina's Etsy Shop. Celestina blogs at Southern DayDreams

The package was wrapped so delightfully! It was a joy to open!

Here's a closer look. Isn't it the cutest thing! 
While you are checking out her blog, be sure to visit her beautiful ETSY shop. You will find the link on her sidebar. She has quite the inventory of shabby-chic, cottage style and French country styled items! Her designs are just lovely!......and look at her business and enclosure cards!

I told my husband that I wanted to paint my entire house pink and fill it with Celestina's Designs! He gave me a nervous chuckle....well, it wasn't a NO!!!!! 

Thank you Celestina!  I love this little treasure!

Just as I am wrapping up this post, the sun has decided to try and make an appearance....oh, it's out after two days of rain! Wishing the same for my friends in Texas! Have a lovely evening friends!

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Day in Another Century

It was a beautiful weekend! The weather was perfect with just the perfect mix of sun, breeze, blue skies and temperature! It was the kind of day that I wish we could have for six months out of the year--at least!

I did not touch a sewing machine all weekend! We spent much time outdoors enjoying the spectacular spring weather. We drove about two hours to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA (Click here to visit their website) and visited an 1830's living history museum. We have been there a few times over the years with and without kids, in fact it was one of my first dates with my husband about 33 or 34 years ago.

Working in the garden.....

Since we have visited the village a few times before, we did not go into every building. Instead we walked around outside, enjoyed the beautiful trails and took in the lovely landscapes.

The fenced in fields were beautiful lush and green! Every time I came upon a fence I thought of my dear blogging friends who participate in the FENCES photograph party every week. There were many fences, and many types of fences in the village and all were so charming in their own way.

I have always been fascinated by these zig zag fences. The sheep grazing in the field don't even seem to notice me, They chose to graze in the shady part of the field. There were times I needed to find some shade too as the afternoon sun was very hot!

Walking along one of the trails we came upon this covered bridge.

It was so quiet. I was surprised that we did not run into more people along this trail.

The mills were all so pretty and all working. We did go inside all three of the mills. (sawmill, grist mill and carding mill)

I took many, many photos. Way too many to show here, but the following photos are scenes that I could easily see myself in....

In one of the houses was this chair. Please note the knitting project in the chair and the teacup on the side table. This could have been MY chair had I lived in the 19th century!

Spinning and weaving! Yes this would be my craft room!

This is where they demonstrated the dyeing process. It was really interesting and the colors were beautiful! It was a little too warm for comfort standing near the fire though.

This little room was cozy and charming.  I could imagine myself reading in here next to a crackling fire.....sipping tea of course.

I loved the large table! I would confiscate that for my craft/sewing table! 

Here is one of the dining rooms. It was quite comfortable and the dishes and table linens were pretty. It seemed quite a bit more modern than I was expecting.

 This pretty little quilt was hanging on a stairwell in one of the houses.

We loved our visit to Old Sturbridge Village. As we were heading out, a couple of sheep beckoned us with a couple of very loud BAAAAAAAAA's!

We turned around to see two lonely rams! No one was visiting with them so we went over and gave them a couple of good ear scratches, pats on the head and some kind words.

This guy in the back wanted his fair share of attention too! He decided to try and win me over with some harmless flirtation.....

It worked! How cute is that? He is smiling for the camera!

How do you leave a face like that?  We said good-bye to them and as we left I am fairly certain that I heard, "come baaaaaaaaaack!"  I said good-bye again and we left. Such a nice day! We thoroughly enjoyed our step back in time!

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