Sunday, April 26, 2015

Afternoon Project--Sew Fun, Sew Easy, Sew Sweet

On Friday I was sorting through my stash of fabric looking for a couple of  prints that would coordinate nicely for some hot mats that I wanted to stitch up for a birthday gift. I found this floral print chintz (stamped Bloomcraft 1987) and this small rose, floral print that I thought would be just perfect for my late afternoon sewing project. 

First, I made these two large hot mats. I liked these two fabrics 
   even more after they were sewn together. Finished, each block is about 9" square (6 1/2 " floral square with an 1 1/2" border.) They are top-stitched and the block is also stitched in the ditch.

Front and back views....(not ironed yet)

Then I decided to make a set of four mug mats to match the hot mats. The fabric has many little blocks of these sweet little floral designs so I wanted to include as many of the flowers as possible in my project. I top-stitched these as well.

Here are all four.....the florals are so pretty. There are additional flowers on the back of each mug mat as well but I forgot to photograph them.

They all look so pretty together.

I tied up the mug mats with a strip torn from the rose fabric. Perfect little touch!

This was a fun, easy project and it took less than two hours to create. I love the vintage fabrics and it was perfectly blocked for making the smaller mug mats. The main fabric is even stamped as stain resistant.

Oops! I almost forgot the gift enclosure card!

For the card I used some kraft cardstock and a block of the fabric. I stitched the fabric onto the cardstock using a zigzag stitch and for a final touch I attached a torn strip of the rose fabric through a hole made with a round paper punch.

It makes a pretty cute ensemble.....

I am happy that I have so much of this floral print left over. After seeing how cute they look all completed, I have to make a couple more sets for gifts!

UPDATE:  4/27/2015

I stitched up the second hot mat gift set this afternoon. The set looks very similar with the exception of the border on the larger pair of hot mats. Also, I did not top stitch the borders because I used a bulkier batting between the layers and did not want to bind up my sewing machine trying to go over the extra thickness.

Larger hot mats

Front side of mug mats

Back side of mug mats

Hot mats, mug mats and gift enclosure card.

The second set went together more quickly and I enjoyed sewing it as much as the first! 

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  1. Wow Linda, beautiful in deed! I love the floral set and it just sings spring all over it.
    The recipient of your gift will be blessed I'm sure.

    I noticed a lace doily behind one of your photos, I have that same doily. I think it is quite unique and I have never seen another like it before.

    I trust you are enjoying your day with Jesus?
    Bless you, Debbie

    1. Hello Debbie, I've had a lovely Sunday, thank you. I hope you have too. The floral mat set was for my daughter. We met her and my son-in-law for a nice lunch since we could not be together on her birthday.

      Are you referring to the little ecru doily or the lace edging on the other one? They are all from my latest purchase.

      Well Debbie, enjoy the rest of the day and be blessed.

    2. I'm looking at the 9th photo, the one with your card placed on it.
      To think that we have the same one, amazing.

    3. Wow, that is pretty amazing. It is one of my newer ones that I found locally. :)

  2. An afternoon sewing project? 2 hours? Oh, Linda, it would take me ages to do this beautiful gift! And you actually DO it instead of me just planning on doing it!

    They are beautiful!

    It sounds like you had a lovely celebration today with your daughter, the best of times.

    1. Thank you Dewena! It really is much easier than it looks! Good beginner project!!! I actually just cut out a second set this evening. I'll stitch them up tomorrow. We did have a nice lunch today, we don't get to see them often so we had a lot of catching up to. Nice to hear from you Dewena and I hope all is well!

  3. Linda,
    I agree with Dewena! Two hours, seriously! 2 weeks for me, I love your projects, Linda. They are so tasteful, artistic and perfect!
    Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter!

  4. Hi Jemma,
    Thank you, you're so kind! Honestly it is a very easy project. Hardest part is cutting out the pieces! I will pass your Happy Birthday message on to my daughter! Thanks! xo

  5. Hello Linda, This was a lovely project, I am sure it made a special gift! I did pin it to my creative gifts board! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Roxy

  6. Good evening Roxy,
    Thank you! I enjoyed making them. It's always nice to work on a project that can be completed fairly quickly! Glad that you stopped by. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!

  7. Hi Linda, I am returning the visit! Your shrimp dish looks amazing and what lovely work you do ~ love that pretty little heart!

  8. These are so pretty and will make perfect gifts. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  9. Thank you Betsy! Thank you for hosting the Vintage Inspiration Party. I enjoy it!!

  10. My sweet friend, you are to talented and the things you make are simply stunning! Anyone would be thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift that is made with love.

    Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration - you know I love having you at the party. Hugs!

  11. Thank you again Stephanie! There are so many interesting posts at your party. Have visited a couple but will take some time over the weekend to visit some more. You are a hostess with the mostess!