Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Hearts Are in the Right Place

Gratitude and Heartfelt

I finally completed the second of two heart pillows that I blogged about earlier in the week.  I thought I would have a couple more completed by now but I didn't realize how time consuming the finishing touches would be. It was also a very busy week both in my virtual and real worlds. Unfortunately, the real world sometimes take precedent!

I woke up to snow falling once again and it was a little disheartening. I was trying to photograph my heart pillows so I could get them up on ETSY and it's so dark in my house, the photos were not great....a little sun please???????  

Anyways, my hearts are finally in the right place....the finished pile! 

Have a wonderful day everyone and if you have any spring weather to share, please send some my way! 


  1. Your beautiful hearts are definitely in the right place!

    Thank you so much for thinking of our little Milo. I am beginning to wonder if it was the latest bag of the Blue Buffalo food we've had him on for over a year. A commenter sent me to a site of complaints about the food where many others had a dog sick with the same complaints. He started doing better this afternoon, thank God.

    I hope your busy real and virtual week eases up some this coming week! Isn't it difficult sometimes to find the right balance there? But both are rewarding.

    Have a good Sunday,

  2. Hi Dewena,
    Thank you for your kind words as always! I just sent you an email regarding the dog food. Yes, it is hard to find a balance. After this week, things should ease up though. This will be the busiest week we've had in a while but looking forward to some family time so that is all good! Hope your Milo is doing better. Enjoy the rest of the day and your week ahead!

  3. Oh Oh Oh! Those heart pillows are gorgeous! Everything I love, lace, hearts and a little on the pink color. :) What a beautiful job, Linda.

    We are having beautiful weather, in fact I am just about to go out and take a lovely walk, although, I do love to walk in cold weather too.
    I feel for those of you who are having bad weather, but for us, this is unusual and not good, It may be way to dry for the summer.

    Have a beautiful day my friend.
    Joy! Debbie

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you Debbie very much! I am glad you like them! :) I really enjoy making them!

    Today is a beautifully sunny day, although chilly. I was outside chatting with a neighbor and it was quite warm standing in the sun so I know spring weather is just around the corner. I believe it will be in the 50's on Friday. So looking forward to that! I hope you enjoyed your walk.

    When I received my ETSY message I laughed out loud. You really make me laugh! I am also so grateful for your support and encouragement. Hoping you are having a lovely day as well!

  5. Hello, I loved those hearts very vintage and elegant! I sewed on Friday one skirt came out great, the other one was way too small is certain places. New pattern, needless to say I will not be making that one again.May you have a blessed Easter and some spring weather!
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. Hi Roxy,
    Thank you! I hardly ever sew for myself.....I don't have the best luck with fit either. Was it the same pattern or did you use 2 different patterns? it is frustrating when things don't go well. At least you have one brand new skirt! I will check to see if you posted it! Hope you have a lovely Easter too. Some spring weather is expected here this week!

  7. Linda,
    I so enjoy visiting you and getting a glimpse at your elegant, feminine, and beautiful sewing creations. I remember thinking your Angels were the prettiest I had ever seen and now you have outdone yourself with these hearts!
    Still working on the PPP post-I have one on my visit going up today and then I will March into April with Passion, Purpose and Productivity!
    Have a lovely Monday!

  8. Good morning Jemma! Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed your trip. I'll have to get over and read all about it! Have a lovely week!