Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lady Slippers

Ladie's Slippers

Today I finished up a pair of slippers that I started a couple of days ago.  Just last week I ran into Joanne Fabrics to pick up some thread and saw that McCall's patterns were on sale for $1.99. I always grab a bunch of patterns to try whenever they go on sale. 

This cute pair of slippers was McCall's Pattern M6715. I did not love the instructions that came with the pattern. I completed the first slipper by misunderstanding the instructions and it came out just fine. I completed the second slipper correctly following the instructions and it did not come out as easily or as well. There were many" grrrrrrrrrr" moments! pieces....

This was a trial pair because I have some really pretty fabrics that I would like to try but I did not want to risk wasting the fabric. I read the pattern all the way through before I started which was a very good thing.

This was the first slipper I made. It was almost the last--but I took a couple of deep breaths and finished the second one.

I am glad I did a trial first. The pattern does not call for top stitching around the front. I did not like the way it looked without it so I top stitched it. 

Next time I will make sure that the bobbin thread matches the lining exactly. There were a couple of spots where there was just a bit too much bulk in the side seams (even when I reduced some by cutting out some interfacing in the seam) and it caused some messy stitching.

When I tried it on, it looked like a ballet slipper......very cute!

Here's the pair.....

The pattern is made up of 3 pattern pieces. The front which I cut out of a peach moire taffeta, the lining and sole which is made of an apricot colored 100 % cotton (I will use a sturdier material when I make my next pair, the pattern called for lightweight suede) and the heel piece which is cut out of a pale peach brocade.

The pattern has several floral embellishments which I will use on the next pair. It also has options for single or double elastic bands across the foot which are also very cute. 

I love fancy slippers! 

I have some leftover costume fabrics which would work very well with this pattern. I may cut out another pair tonight!


  1. Oh my goodness! They came out SO cute! They are fit for a Princess! I love them! Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thank you! They are pretty cute but I am really glad I did a trial run first. Cutting out another pair right now and I plan to embellish them!

  2. Linda,
    These are so, so pretty! I agree with Diane, fit for a Princess!

  3. Morning Jemma! Thanks! I am hoping that my second pair will be a little more fun to construct, now that I know what I am doing....more or less! have a great day!

  4. They are so sweet! I can picture them in little bitty sizes for my granddaughters, or would that be too fiddly to work with?

    I love fancy slippers too. I remember all the Daniel Green slippers my girlfriends and I gave each other at lingerie bridal showers, they were backless heels with furry trim.

  5. Hi Dewena! Thank you! I am actually making a smaller pair right now. They are so cute but boy the instructions did not get any better the second time around, LOL! I would like to find a similar pattern for girls sizes. This particular pattern includes XXS-XL in woman's sizes.

    Oh!.... slippers with furry trim! I remember those!

    Have a good weekend Dewena and thanks for dropping by!

  6. Awesome creation,Linda!Looks nice and comfortable!
    well done

  7. Hello Anastasia, thanks! They are pretty comfy. Made a second pair and lined with fleece. Cozy AND comfy!!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice week!