Monday, January 12, 2015

Journal Therapy and Jemma's Passion, Purpose Productivity Project

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I am pleased to announce that I will be taking part in The Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project hosted by Jemma of At Home with Jemma. 

When I read a post that Jemma recently published, it was as though she had crawled right into my brain. I could have written a very similar post though the result would not have been nearly as articulate, inspiring, nor would it have resonated so strongly with me or anyone else for that matter. She brilliantly wrote about so many things that have been on my mind in recent weeks.

Jemma's Post:  Aging with Style

Jemma's Blog:   At Home wth Jemma

So, before we go any further, I would love for you to click on the first link provided above so that you can read Jemma's post for yourself. I guarantee you that your head will be nodding in total agreement with her and you may even find yourself shouting out an "Amen sister!" as you read Jemma's take on the inevitable journey of getting I was going to say getting old.....but I didn't really want to go there. I couldn't even write it at first, but here's the thing.... an exercise in mindfulness, passion and aging with grace is nothing if it does not begin with acceptance of age and getting older. So I wrote it, sort of. 

Okay, now that you are totally inspired, (by Jemma, not me--she has an amazing knack with words) let me just tell you that I had already been thinking ahead and planning some life changes that I would like to integrate into my life. But here's another thing.....the person I am and the person I want to be are miles apart or at least that is how it seems at this time, and place in my life. Since it is unrealistic to expect to go to bed one night and wake up the next morning totally transformed, I decided that I needed a slower process--a learning process to retrain my thinking process and the way that I see and react to all that goes on in my life.

Here is what I decided to do....

I started a journal. A pretty simple word a week. No rules or parameters, simply the first word that pops into my mind  for any particular reason or for no particular reason at all. 

My word for the first week of January was HOPEFUL. I  think most will agree that January 1st is symbolic of a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning...... BUT past experiences remind me that my annual, newly found optimism lasts for about a day or two, possibly a week in a good year and then I fall right back into my old self-defeating habits.

Well, not this year!
*** HIGH TIDE!!! 
(You will understand that exclamation in a moment)

Here's the plan:   I will treat each weekly word as an assignment, just like we all did in school when we received our spelling words for the week. Once the word is chosen,  I will mull it over a bit in my mind, find words or photos that relate to the word and create one or two journal pages centered around that word. Once the journal page(s) are done, I will write a sentence using the word.

 The word will be my mental exercise, hopefully in all things positive for the week and reinforced by journal "therapy".  The best part is that I can add to the pages at any time during the year so my journal will always be a work in progress, like me!

I loves quotes and collect them so this should be easy. I love to collage so it will also be fun. By the end of the year I will have a delightful little book of inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, snippets and what nots which will reboot my hard drive into complete mindfulness and utter positivity! So bring on the wrinkles and the age spots because I have earned every single one! Whoa Nellie! I think I may have gotten ahead of myself! 

During the first week of January I practiced being hopeful. It wasn't a difficult exercise because I am generally a pretty positive person. I wrote the word, thought about all my hopes for the new year and created my first journal page.

I chose to place a dove in the center of my page because the dove represents hope to me. This goes way, waaaaay back to my days in Sunday School (perfect attendance award!!) and learning about Noah and the ark.  The dove was a symbol of hope. It still is to me!

I love the quote that I placed on the dove (see photo above) about practicing hope because it puts into a few words what I hope to accomplish. 

Here is a close up of my second page.....
I love this quote as well!
It is the reference to HIGH TIDE that I mentioned earlier.

 To me this means:  Here I am life!!!!
Make way, I'm coming through.....
If not now, then when???????
There is no time like the present!!!!

I concluded my weekly assignment by completing a sentence using the word hope.....
I hope that my year is full of positive change and growth.

My word for the second week of January was grateful and my word for this week is laugh. I will post my journal pages later this week.

This brings me back to Jemma and her Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project. Each week she will be featuring a blogger who has chosen to participate so you can find all the links to the posts on her blog. I will post them as well. I am excited to participate and my post on PASSION will be published on January 26th. We hope you will follow along on the journey. 

I invite you to visit Dewena's Window. Dewena is the first participant to write a post on passion and she is one very inspiring lady! I read her post three times because I love what she wrote and I could relate to it on so many levels. 

 I won't say anymore about it except 
please take a moment to read it by clicking on the link above. You will be glad that you did. 

More later.......

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  1. Oh Linda, what a beautiful journal and such a lovely idea. The inspiration keeps flowing - it started with Jemma, went to you, and is now passing on to your readers. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend! Hugs!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I get a lot of inspiration from your posts as well! It's great that we can all support each other in this way! xo

  2. Linda, how glad I am to have met you through Jemma's new project! Thank you for the link to my post and for your comment there. I will look forward to your coming post on the project but this post here is so inspiring already. Your new journal is a lovely idea and I hope you'll share its progress throughout the coming months. I've always felt that "hope" was a basic value of mine and counted that as a blessing.

    I couldn't help but notice your sweet corgi at the side. Kelsie looks to be a replica of our Tex who was my shadow for almost 12 years. And now we have two darling long haired dachshund brothers who we adopted a year ago at 9 years old who had been been in rescue for 6 months.

    Your handcrafted items remind me so much of my sweet daughter-in-law who is also an artist with fabric and trimmings. Beautiful!

    Again, so nice to have met you!

  3. Hi Dewena,
    So nice to meet you too! Your post was beautifully written and I enjoyed reading it very much! Thank you for your sweet comment! I do intend to post the progress in my journal. I needed some reinforcement and some visual reminders and I think the journal will work for me.

    Yes, Kelsie was our little corgi and we had her from a puppy on up until she was 14 years old. She was a love and we adored her! Our second dog was a local rescue and he was an amazing family pet. We had him for 6 years. Now we have Ellie, another rescue but from Georgia. She is a sweetie too. I love dogs. I saw the photo of your adorable dachshunds! They look like a lot of fun!

    I am looking forward to reading your future posts! This project is going to be very interesting I think!

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments! I really appreciate it!

  4. Hi Linda! Thanks for your visit to my blog and for kind words. I LOVE the idea for this journal and it just so beautiful! How inspiring it must be to thumb through these lovely pages...what a great idea. Have a great rest of the week!

  5. Hi Debbie, I enjoyed your post as I have recycled curtains to make aprons and have been thinking about making an apron with ruffles as you did. Beginning with jeans is a great idea and I have quite a large stash of used jeans. I may just give it a whirl....thanks for stopping by and for your kind remarks.

  6. Wow! What a post, Linda!
    You have me all exited and I'm not even doing this journal. Such a terrific idea.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your work in progress and hearing as you share your journal.
    I will go and visit these two lovely ladies you spoke of.

    Have fun!

    1. Thank you Debbie! Hope you got a chance to visit the other blogs. I think Jemma came up with a great idea and I hope you follow along. I will be posting my pages as I complete them. Thanks again!

  7. Linda,
    Your post is so energetic, strong and proactive, I feel as though I have just had an energy drink celebrating the passion of life! Our Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project would not be possible without you and the other Ladies who have stepped up to encourage one another. The power of Positivity is truly contagious. Creating a Journal is an amazing approach to remaining steadfast
    and focused in our journey. I noticed "Norman Vincent Peale," on the cover of your journal. I too am a believer in the Power of Positive Thinking and have read his books too. We can change the way we think and we can live in the present and we can navigate through this life with a positive outlook!
    Thank you for your kind words, for joining in on the journey and for being a great inspiration!

    1. Hi Jemma, well I think you started something here and I'm excited to see where it goes! None of us would be here without your wonderful idea. Thanks for your sweet comment. Your enthusiasm is contagious! XO

  8. What a post. I so enjoyed reading it and love your journal.

    1. Thank you for your visit and your kind comment! I appreciate it!

  9. Hi Linda what a beautiful journal and great idea, You are such an inspiration and you share great insight. Thank you for the encouragement in your writing.
    Wishing you a nice weekend sweet friend.
    Hugs and Blessings

    1. Hope your weekend is off to a pleasant start Celestina! Thank you for your kind words....I am hoping I can stay inspired myself so that I can reach some personal goals for the year. THANKFULLY I find plenty of inspiration right here in blogland with you and all the others! Enjoy your weekend! Xo

  10. Hi Linda,
    Your journal is lovely, in the end of a year you will have a book filled with encouragement and memories! Creativity is a great gift, thank you for sharing your inspiration,
    Blessings to your weekend,

  11. Thank you Nina! I hope I can keep it up for the entire year! Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!
    Enjoy your week!