Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Holiday Play

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday week. Our week was busy with planned festivities as well as an unplanned--didn't see it coming, emergency, meet the ambulance, trip to the hospital. (with a family member, no worries, all ended well thankfully!) I got home Christmas Eve morning at about 3 am. Slept till 6. 

Santa surprised me Christmas morning by leaving a CRICUT EXPLORE under the Christmas tree with my name on it! I was very surprised! Not familiar with using a machine like this one little bit, I have been trying to find some time to play with it.

My particular model came with a tool kit. All of the tools you see in the photo above were included in the box. Apparently that isn't always the case. The tools fit perfectly in the little open space that you see here in the photo.

Also included with my machine was a 2 month digital subscription at and there are so many fun images--my mind began spinning as soon as I saw all that was available.

This machine cuts paper, cardstock, poster board, fabric, iron on fabric, vinyl etc. I see no limit to the fun I can have with this!

This sums it up nicely! Thank you Santa!

Speaking of "thank you" I need to write some thank you notes for gifts received so I thought I would begin by cutting some easy designs. I already have some kraft paper notecards.

These pieces were very easy to cut out. The brown oval had some tiny pieces that had to be punched out with one of the tools that came with the machine. 

Neither of these cards are glued. I am researching which glues work best. (If anyone has experience with glues please leave me the info in the comment section.) I have a list of things I will need to purchase at Michael's or Joanne's. 

The more I play, the more I want to play!!! Even my daughter is getting into the act. She is an RA (resident advisor) at school and she is required to make door decorations for each room on her floor every month. We cut out hearts in several shades of pink and red and she is making flamingos out of them. She found the idea on Pinterest and they are so cute. I will post a photo when she is done.

I saved the paper that our gift wrap was rolled on. It was a heavy kraft paper, maybe just a bit heavier than cardstock. I hated to throw it away so I saved it and used it to make some large gift tags. It worked very well. I made some nautical inspired tags....

and some tags with little heart cut outs.

This is so much fun. I almost regret not purchasing one of these machines years earlier. 
I think I can use it to embellish my angel ornaments among many other things!!!

Thankful.....Santa knows me all too well! This will entertain me for hours at a time and for days on end! Oh what fun!

........oh, and here is the photo I promised earlier in the post. These are pink flamingo Valentines found on Pinterest. One link on pinterest takes you to The instructions are actually located at (National Wildlife Federation) I noticed on Pinterest that many blogs have featured this easy, peasy craft project.

These flamingos gave me a chuckle. She has 6 completed and 34 more to go. Since she is having her wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, this simple craft will give her something to do while she is recovering.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2015! I have some resolutions for the new year but will discuss them in a future post.

 I plan to do a post to recap my year of blogging. My blogger buddy Diane, who blogs at Lavender Dreams recently posted her "year in review". Click here to visit her blog and to see some highlights of 2014! She has taken some wonderful trips which included lots of hiking, sightseeing and shopping! She also stitched up the sweetest stuffed toys and dolls. Be sure to visit her and tell her I said hello!