Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wrapping Stocking Stuffers

In our household, stockings are a big deal! Generally speaking, everything in the stockings are wrapped--even the smallest items. I like to get a head start on wrapping stocking stuffers and try to wrap all of them as I buy them. Wrapping all stocking stuffers at the very last minute is not my favorite thing to do.

This year, rather than buy a lot of various printed gift wraps, I am trying to stick to using kraft paper tied up with colored twine, jute, rafia and ribbon. I like the way it looks under my Christmas tree. There is no limit on what can be found to match this color scheme including kraft paper doilies, paper bags etc. The craft stores as well as grocery stores can yield some interesting and coordinating gift wrap options.

At TJ Max for example, I found kraft colored tissue paper printed with sheet music and a roll of kraft paper printed in red sheet music. (see in above photo) LOVE! I have been looking for some for a very long time! I also found gift wrap mimicking the red ticking fabric that I absolutely love. TJ's also has a variety of beautiful jute ribbons, twines, lace and other trims on a roll. (see below)

These trims from TJ's are on nice, wooden spools which can be reused to wind the lace trims I often pick up at antique shops.

Twines can be picked up for a song at Ocean State Job Lots, Walmart, hardware and even grocery stores.

The little brown snack bag shown above with tissue was my latest find at the grocery store. They are small, sandwich sized bags and come 48 to a box. I am sure I will find many uses for these!

Today it is cold and damp, with occasional drizzles. I thought I would spend the afternoon gift wrapping and sipping some hot tea. All stocking stuffers bought to date are wrapped and ready to stuff!