Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just a Trip to the Farmer's Market

My daughter and I made a quick trip to the local Farmer's Market on Tuesday.  Here I purchased some organic lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, bok choy and garlic. I love buying produce from local farmers!

We also picked up some blueberries and some peaches. My daughter is a "smoothy queen" and she loves to add both to her morning smoothies. I confiscated one of the peaches and it was so juicy and sweet, perfectly ripened! YUM!

I sliced up a tomato and ate it for lunch. I love tomatoes and there is nothing like a fresh one! Supermarket tomatoes pale in comparison to freshly picked!

My trip to the farmer's market was actually a mission to find some Halloumi cheese. I had been reading a post on Daphne Bryson's blog post at Ivy, Phyllis and Me:  Tomato and Pepper Salad with Halloumi cheese. Click here to view her post. I am not familiar with this particular kind of cheese. Daphne explained to me that it is a Greek cheese made from goat's milk with a firm enough texture that you can actually brown it in a frying pan. Being a cheese lover, I cannot imagine anything more delicious than a cheese, lightly browned on the outside and warm,soft and gooey on the inside.

There was no Halloumi cheese at this farmer's market although there was one lady selling some flavored goat cheese and I picked up a cranberry and a boursin flavored goat cheese spread. She gave us samples of all the various flavors! Delicious! It was hard to narrow my choices down to two.

Next place to look: our local food coop as I am sure I will find Halloumi cheese there.

Today I was craving some more fresh lettuce and tomatoes so you know what I did? I made a tomato and lettuce sandwich  You might wonder where's the beef? Well.... these tomatoes are so good on their own, topped with just a sprinkling of boursin goat cheese and some fresh ground pepper. Why make it any more complicated when it can be so simple and delicious?


Now, in addition to buying some Halloumi cheese, I need another bunch of fresh tomatoes! I cannot wait to make Daphne's Tomato and Pepper Salad. 

Do you love fresh tomatoes? What's your favorite summertime recipe using fresh tomatoes?