Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flowers and Candlesticks!

These are some shots of flowers growing in my father's back yard. They are beautiful! Today I brought home a very large bouquet of these large red lillies!

My father was cutting back the plants around this Astilbe because it was getting too crowded.

These double hollyhocks are gorgeous! I love this pale shade of pink. 

So much eye candy in this beautiful garden! I was a bit snap happy with my camera!

 Another feast for the eyes! His beautiful rose bush! Many blooms were already past their prime....I brought a couple stems of these roses home too!

Could not resist a close up of this.....

and this.......

and this.....

Last but not least, another hollyhock. This white bloom is exquisite! 


After a visit with my parents, I went home and found a package waiting for me. It was from Diane at The Checkered Apple. See post:  click here! 

As you can see from her post, I won her 4th of July Patriotic Giveaway! This sweet little pair of candlesticks that she painted arrived at my home today! I was thrilled!

They are so cute! I put them in my kitchen so I could enjoy Diane's handiwork! She is so talented!

Sitting next to my patriotic angel (now my lucky angel), they look adorable! I just love the little cherries she added.

It was fun waiting for them to arrive. Diane and I exchanged several emails over the past 4 days while the package was in transit. She was a bit concerned that the candles would melt since it has been so hot. They took a trip across the country (she lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast) and despite the many miles between us they arrived in one solid piece! No wax oozing from the package!

Thank you so much Diane! I enjoyed participating in your Patriotic Linky Party and it was exciting to be the winner of your sweet patriotic painted candlesticks. I am looking forward to next year's party already! Hope everyone will join in!