Monday, June 30, 2014

A Perfect Weekend! A Little Sewing/A Little Crafting

Here is a peek at what I did this weekend (other than the 2 loads of towels I did, 3 loads of other laundry, cooking, cleaning and shopping!!

I finally tried my hand at sewing with burlap. This particular bag is made with a fuschia colored burlap that my daughter picked out. Once it was completed she wanted it. It was the bow! She is really into bows! I kinda wanted it too! 

However, making the bag was a little more difficult that I thought. It kept fraying. I zigzagged every piece of the bag that was made from burlap because I was getting really frustrated with the pieces that kept coming apart. I may have used some choice words while sewing this tote. 

Then I made another one. I mean, what was I to do? I had purchased enough burlap for two bags never imagining I would dislike sewing with it "SEW" much! I was developing a love/hate relationship with this fabric that I have loved for a long time.

I loved burlap before it was cool to love burlap. Way, way back in the late 70's I was in college (I know, I'm vintage) we were having a Halloween party and I needed a costume. So I went into town and got my hands on a large burlap bag and fashioned myself a cave woman costume. It was the perfect length for a tunic which I cut so that it only had one shoulder strap. I made some burlap shoe covers and laced them with leather shoelaces from my shit kickers. I took a baseball bat and wrapped it in a paper bag and laced that with leather laces as well. With some messed up hair and some blackened teeth, I think I really rocked that cave woman costume! AND I really had fun making it!

I wouldn't say that I really had fun making this bag. The second one went together a little easier because I zigzagged everything, sometimes twice!

My daughter saw some burlap (natural colored) but stamped with gold polka dots and now she wants a tote bag made from that. Ugh! 
We shall see if I have it in me to work with that fabric again!

Later in the weekend I had fun making some of my paper angels. I have posted these angels before. These are a little time consuming, and at times nit-pickey but they are so much fun to make. I love trying to make each one a little different or if I make one I really like I will make a couple more like it.

I used white, cream and natural paper, twine, bits of lace and bridal trim, some little pearl beads and glue. I discovered that the paper bodies can be sewn and the stitches on the sides add to the rustic, scrappy look that I was trying to create.

These angels are so cute and will be available in my Esty Shop once it is up and running. (Coming soon)

This one is really pretty. The lace is a wide piece of bridal lace with lily-of-the-valley on it. She really turned out sweet. These make cute little package tie-ons and gifts. It would also be a nice gesture of expressing sympathy or encouragement when a card just doesn't seem like enough. Tucked into a little box of shredded paper or tissue and some gold foil confetti stars makes a really nice presentation.

This is a box of bald angels. They have wings but they are not yet attached. If you hear the bells ringing  tomorrow, you will know that a bunch of angel got their wings!

These Angels are waiting for their lace at the tops of their gowns and hair and halos......

This is a stash of precut bodies and wings....I've got my work cut out for me (no pun intended) for tomorrow.

I sure had fun making these heavenly ladies today and I am looking forward to making many more tomorrow! Oh my gosh, it is already tomorrow so I need to go to bed!  Good night! 

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