Thursday, June 19, 2014

Angel of Liberty

Here is my Angel of Liberty I created her especially for Diane's Patriotic Link Party and may link her up with other linky parties as well. This angel is very sweet and chubby--emphasis on chubby and she stands about 8" tall. Incidentally, she is not overweight--she is undertall!

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I have been working on a simple pattern for a stuffed angel and thought I would try it out in a patriotic version. It was fairly quick and easy to construct. I used this very same red ticking fabric to make patriotic pillows last year. 

I am actually going to place her in a wreath for my door. I found this perfect long roll of antique looking red, white and blue paper ribbon with wire in it so I think I will wind it around the wreath very loosely and make a bow.

As you can see, she looks pretty sweet in the middle of this grapevine wreath,

or this grapevine wreath with stars and berries.

She even looks sweet just standing alone.

I am looking forward to seeing other patriotic creations! See you at the party!

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A Sunrise, A Sunset-- Among Other Things

Sunset--Plymouth, MA

Last weekend we had a whirlwind weekend (actually we left NH at 9:15 Sunday morning and returned to NH Monday evening around 5:45 pm.) We first made a stop Sunday morning in Boston to join our daughter Jenn and her fiance James for a Father's Day lunch in Boston. I had a Reuben that was to die for! We stayed to visit for a bit and left Boston at around 2:30 pm.

Next we headed to Plymouth, MA (one of my favorite places in the whole wide world) and arrived at our Motel (Pilgrim Sands) at about 3:30pm. We stepped out onto the deck of the hotel. The weather was picture perfect and it was high tide.

We walked down the stairs to the water (stairs are pictured above) and my husband bravely stepped into the water which was about knee high. (but he has short legs!) The surf was a bit rough and I wasn't sure I wanted to step in as I had a sundress on and it was a bit breezy. Just as I started to brave it, a wave hit the rocks, soaked the bottom of my dress and everything underneath! I turned around and headed back up to the deck. (dress clinging to my legs) I opted to sit in a chair on the deck and allowed myself to relax and become very drowsy from the warmth of the sun! The humming of distant boats at sea, the sound of water crashing into the the rocks, the waves coming in and going out and of course the seagulls lulled me into a state of total relaxation. Heaven!

We stayed here for a couple of hours and later went out for a quick bite to eat. We returned to this view:

To know me is to tolerate my obsession for photographing sunsets! There is just nothing more beautiful and if you watch long enough, the colors change before your very eyes. Just when you think it cannot get more beautiful--it does. I took 58 photos of this very sunset! I promise I will not make you look at every single one of them.

Panning to the right a bit, the sunset reflects in the wet sand. 

This purpley cloud was directly in front of the deck as we faced the sea!

The sunset is starting to get even more vibrant now....I was not the only one admiring it!

See the fisherman out there! 

We got up very early the next morning and headed out onto the deck. We were the only ones up at this point! It was another glorious day and the sun and glare on the water was blinding. 
We had to catch a 9:30 ferry at Wood's Hole to Martha's Vineyard and it is about a 50 minute drive. So we were able to enjoy the deck for a couple of hours.

Coffee, the ocean and the sun, all at the same time! Yes I'm in heaven! My husband and I enjoyed peaceful, private deck time. We ate our breakfast here! Why isn't anyone else up?

It's low tide. I can remember all the years my husband would get up early and take the kids for their walks down this very beach looking for shell, crabs, sea glass.....this is the first time we have stayed here alone, without 1, 2, or 3 kids! Bittersweet!


Did not want to leave....but we had a boat to catch.

Made it to the ferry in plenty of time. Now for our 45 minute trip to Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard.

Absolutely perfect weather to be out on the ocean. Even though it was only 9:30, it was so warm with a lovely breeze! There have been days when the weather was not so cooperative. During one past trip,  it was so cloudy with heavy fog that we could not see directly in front of the boat. The boat whistle blew every few minutes and it was loud! I wanted to jump off that boat! 

We arrive at Oak Bluffs. I love this little "gingerbread village".

These Victorian homes surround a beautiful green common.

This gazebo is in the common. 

To our left (as we are driving to pick up my youngest daughter)....

 ....and to our right.....

Also to our right, further down the road....if you love water, this is definitely the place to be! 

From here, we picked up our youngest and headed to visit my middle daughter at her new little cottage that she is renting. It is so cute and homey! She made us a delicious lunch and we enjoyed a quick visit before heading back to Wood's Hole on a 1:15 ferry. We made that boat too!

Then we drove three hours, picked up our dog at the kennel and we got home and unloaded the car. I pulled myself together as best as I could (we were all exhausted) but I was attending an art party at 7:00. A friend of mine has a beautiful barn and a bunch of really fun ladies and I all gathered around a large table and learned how to paint a landscape. (mountains and a meadow with poppies)   Did I mention there was also wine? A friend and neighbor of mine had made some lavender lemonade and we mixed it with Prosecco. Very delicious! My painting was not worthy of being shared here. Maybe once I fix some of the things I did not like about it I will allow you a peak! We spent about 3 hours painting and it was so much fun!

Anyways, that was an exhausting, but very fun filled, swift moving weekend! I am still recovering!