Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Totes in Summer Colors

Well, I have almost exhausted my supply of chevron fabrics. This latest bag is a perfect summer accessory and the colors remind me of orange and lime sherbet. (which I love btw.....way better than ice cream!) 

This bag features a tie closure for a bit of added security and a nice deep pocket across the width of the inside. It is divided into thirds.

I made an additional tote using the reverse colors--lime on the outside and coral on the inside. This second bag is a basic tote with no pockets. I used a slightly heavier interfacing  on both which makes them so nice and sturdy.

I turned it inside out so you can see the pockets. Yes, it is reversible! Personally I prefer the pockets on the inside--makes for a cleaner, simpler look but if you are accessorizing a particular outfit with more of one color than the other, either side will work.

I love the coral shades of fabric that are so popular right now. I generally do not follow many trends in fashion as they tend to come and go and I generally like more classic prints but I have to say that I did acquire a love of the chevron print.  I am even loving some of the big bold floral designs in gray, chartreuse, brown, turquoise etc. They really catch my eye in the fabric stores and I plan to start sewing with them.

Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods! It is trying to come out here in southern NH and the weatherman has promised that it will be out in full force this afternoon. I sure hope so! Enjoy the weekend!

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