Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Recycled Produce Bag

I assume you are all familiar with these little stretchy bags that produce comes in, right? 

They actually look like this when you get them. The bottom is closed with a plastic thingy and the top is sewn into the label.

Well, I have been mulling this recycling idea around for a couple of weeks because I have such a terrible time trying to get those plastic produce bags open in the grocery store for purchases of fruits and veggies. I want an alternative to those plastic bags!

So....I sewed that shortest end closed and reinforced by sewing back and forth several times. (There's nothing worse than chasing rolling tomatoes all over the supermarket.)

I cut a rectangle off some left over fabric (from tote--prior post) and folded it in half. I eyeballed it, no measuring here. Then folded in half the long way, right sides together and stitched the long side.
I turned it right side out. then I gathered another leftover scrap of fabric that was cut out on a fold:

It looked like this.  It was leftover fabric from cutting out tote bag handles. Nothing fancy! I stitched up the long side with a zig-zag stitch just to finish the edge a bit. I tucked it up into the fold of the yellow rectangle and then began pinning the rectangle to the produce bag, stretching the bag to fit, folding the rectangle in half as I was pinning and making sure the tie was up near the fold. Then I stitched it again and folded under any loose ends.

This is what it looked like after the stitching. It took 15 minutes--tops! Didn't even have to thread the tie through the drawstring opening.

A closer look....

It's actually pretty cute! Looks much nicer than the original bag.

Looks pretty cute sitting on the counter too.

I think I will bring the bag to the supermarket with me the next time I go grocery shopping. This is so much better than a plastic bag, much easier to open and the drawstring can be tightened so no produce will be rolling around the grocery cart or your vehicle when a bag tips over in the rear.

Guess I will buy another bag of produce next week. My goal is to have several to take with me so I can buy unpackaged produce or local produce from the farmer's market. Move over plastic produce bags--you've been replaced!!

UPDATE! Produce Bag #2

Found another bag to reuse--this one is much larger!

 Second bag was done in under 10 minutes!

How cute will my shopping cart be!

Easy and practical....

Soon I will have enough to bring home all my fresh produce!

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From The Farm Blog Hop

A Walk Around Goose Pond

Today is one of those days that is just too nice to work indoors. It is beautiful out, 82 degrees and the most perfect breeze! So we took Ellie, our dog, for a walk.

Ellie had to lead the way! My husband took her here a couple of days ago so she knew which paths to follow!

I love old stone walls. I always stop to take a photo when we come across them in the woods.

I love lady Slippers! They remind me of the walks I used to take in the woods where I grew up.

My husband tries to gently cajole Ellie into the water. Even though she is a retriever mix, she is not overly fond of getting her feet wet.

She tried to stay dry as she stopped to drink some water.....even though she is part flatcoated retriever we think she may also be part chicken!

....then she steps into the water. I praised her repeatedly. "Good girl Ellie!"  This was a very big step for her! LOL!

A little island in the pond.  I love all  the lush green. Just a month ago, there were no leaves and no green. 

We came across another spot with some shallow water but Ellie was not terribly interested.

This is not the best photo and I had to edit the light so that the fish would even show up-- but I had to include it. This fish was swimming around while I was trying to take a photo. Then he just came up close to the edge and hung out. I think he was posing for me and he is absolutely smiling! Right?

Just a spot that caught my eye.

....and another pretty spot. Ellie was terrified of standing on this rock. I tried to photograph her here and she would have no part in it!

Once she was standing on safe ground, she posed for a
photo. She is my beautiful girl!

This concludes my photo tour around Goose Pond. Hope you enjoyed the scenery!

The End