Monday, May 26, 2014

Stacked Veggies!

The recipe for this little tasty, stacked pile of veggies has been floating around Facebook and it has been a popular post among my friends. I shared the photo on Facebook (it was originally posted by Green Renaissance--click here for link to Green Renaissance Facebook page) and one of my friends made it last night. She posted a photo (and it looked so good) and said that I inspired her to make it. I too, was thinking of making it last night but I didn't have any asparagus.

I went out today and bought some organic asparagus. I boiled it for 10 min and then placed it in cold water. I had already sliced the tomatoes and chopped the basil leaves.

Then I topped each tomato slice with cheese, asparagus and chopped basil leaves and drizzled balsamic vinaigrette over each layer. The original post had a tomato slice on top as well but I used up the tomato and did not want to cut into another. I also used packaged mozzarella but will use fresh mozzarella when I make it again later in the week.

The asparagus was delicious and cooked perfectly! So, so good! My husband did not want to try it! He is not the vegetable fanatic that I am. That's OK--more for me!

Just look at that asparagus!

I will be making this again later in the week! Looking forward to garden fresh tomatoes as garden fresh veggies can only increase the goodness! 

This is another Facebook recipe that will be added to my collection of favorites and made time and time again, for sure!