Sunday, May 4, 2014

Angels Can't Wait So Dinner was Late!

Today I spent some time working on my paper angels. I fully intended to work on these last Christmas but time got away from me and I never got back to them.

My original post about these angels is HERE!

My plan is to tweak them by added beads and bobbles, possibly some charms, etc. So I made this little heavenly lady and added two heart charms and a pearl bead to the wire hanger. One heart charm says "made with love." My preference is that the hangers and halos be made from gold wire but I could not locate the gold wire and I did not have any gold charms to use.

These little angels look sweet hanging anywhere! You can never have too many angels hanging around!

I nestle them in wreaths too! Since I make these angels in any color, they can add a nice country touch to dried floral arrangements or simply tucked into a country vignette in any room.

I have also inserted a bamboo skewer and added them to fresh flowers and house plants, and of course I put them on my Christmas tree. 

I got so engrossed in this project that I lost track of the time and realized that dinner was going to be late! 

I needed something quick! So I threw some large shrimp in a baking dish and dusted them with Italian bread crumbs, sea salt, and pepper. I poured some melted butter over it all and added parsley and Old Bay seasoning. Then I tossed it in the oven.

Doesn't that look good?


I also roasted some baby potatoes in olive oil and seasoned them with dill and garlic.

These are delicious too!

Then my favorite vegetable--brussel sprouts! Sauteed in olive oil with garlic. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Dinner was late, but it was worth waiting for. Even better was how fast it was to prepare, just a matter of minutes. 

After dinner I went back to finish up my angel. This particular one is for a friend of mine. I wrapped her up in some cellophane and tied it with some twine and some sparkly ribbon, added a gift tag and curled the gold ribbon.

Now that I have some new ideas I will be keeping my eyes peeled for some pretty beads, little charms and miniature items that can be used to really personalize these angels for gifts. The next time I show you my angels I hope to have a very large heavenly host of them!

For  my friend who is like an angel to me!

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