Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Old Shirt+Old Pants=?

My Kind of Math!

New Bag

Here is another recycling project. There are so many very gently used articles of clothing stored in my house and I decided to start getting rid of the items that are not likely to be worn again. I mean, if they have sat in a bag and no one missed them for over a couple of years, how badly can they be needed? Right?

I found the pair of  Express pants shown above. They showed absolutely no signs of wear and and I claimed them as my own to use in a recycling project. I decided to make myself a new bag for spring. 

I cut the outside of the bag and outside pocket from the twill pants, as well as the button hole tab. (no need to make a button hole--one was already made for me) I used 2 fat quarters for the inside lining. I removed the cotton lace from the shirt shown above. I wasn't completely sure how to incorporate the lace.

At first I thought I would make a fabric flower to attach and then found these other doo-dads that matched the fabric well. These would give a vintage look to the pocketbook. But then I realized that the cameo and rose had no shank on the back and I did not want to attempt using glue. So I scouted for more buttons. 

This is what I found in my stash. They are only pinned on as I want to go to Joanne's tomorrow to see if I can find something I like better.

This is a larger version of the Janice Pope bags that I have made in the past. I personally have three of my own, I have made three for my mother and one other for a friend. I love this pattern. I use my other bags all the time. They open up so nice and wide and I can find everything I need in the bag very easily--even my reading glasses and keys which always get lost in my other bags! 

                   It would be difficult to lose anything in here!

 I plan to make two matching pouches with zippers to keep my paraphernalia in. It helps keep me organized. That is quite a task some days!

Here it is hanging. I made the straps a bit longer as I like to sling my bags over my shoulder.

I am very happy with my new bag. So far, it has not cost me one penny, but there may be a small expense if I find buttons that I like better! Still very thrifty as far a pocketbooks go!

                 Old Pants + Old Shirt = New Bag!

Should you decide to construct a bag from old pants, I have one piece of advice to pass on. Be sure to inspect the pants all over for stains. When I cut out the straps, (which took nearly one entire pant leg length) I noticed that the bottom hem area had some soiling on it as though they had been stepped on by muddy shoes. So be aware--it would be a shame to complete a beautiful, custom bag with a stain on the straps or elsewhere.

             Click here for corduroy version of Janice Pope Bag.

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