Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Little Candle that Could

Today I was tinkering. As I was typing my opening short sentence I began to think that maybe tinkering wasn't a real word or the exact word I was looking for. I decided to look it up on wikipedia. 

Turns out that not only is it a real word but it is the correct word. Wikipedia defines tinkering as, "attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way, often to no useful effect.
That about sums up my day thus far.

I did recycle an old burlap gift bag for this project. I found two six-packs of votive candles on clearance for $3.97 and of course I could not leave the store without a bargain or two. These candles were just begging for a transformation.

So for today's project I gathered some supplies....

The votive, some lace that I had on hand, as well as some little pearls and the burlap bag.

I cut a strip of the burlap, glued it on to the glass (candle), added some lace, a string of pearls and a tiny off center bow. (I used fabric glue but a hot-glue gun would work just as well.)

Here is my "Little Candle that Could"

That did not take long. It came out so cute. These would make sweet little favors for a bridal shower or even a wedding.

These are surprisingly good-quality glass votives and good sized. Bet they would look so cute wrapped up in some tulle.

 Yup they do. (I think the rest of this post involves some heavy duty tinkering.)

 Then I got to thinking that this little candle might look cute sitting inside this little white lantern I have. It did look cute in here.

Then I remembered that I made a couple additional fabric blooms yesterday. (original flower making post Click Here ) I was given the piece of vintage lace (pictured above) and I would like to incorporate it somehow into a wreath for my back porch. Then I wondered how it would all look with some color. So I made another pale pink flower and began to experiment with colors and textures. (more tinkering)

The pale pink flower turned out to be pretty. I did not cut petals into each layer as I did with the beige and brighter pink flowers that I made last week . The more I tinkered, the more I was really beginning to love this color combination of beige and pinks. See all three below.

As I further tinkered, a clear image for a color palette to decorate my back porch was beginning to emerge. (in my mysterious mind)

This piece of lace was in a box of old sewing supplies that belonged to my late grandmother. It appeared to have been removed from something, possibly a doily or small pillow. Being a bit overly sentimental about such things, I wanted to reuse this piece of beautiful, ecru lace.

....and after some major tinkering, I now know how I will use it and the color scheme I will use.

Hard to believe I could become so inspired by a little candle. I shall call it, the little candle that could.....

But that is how my brain works folks. One thought leads to another thought and another.......and I was having some exceptional fun taking photos of such lovely textures and colors.

This is how I find my inspiration. From experimenting and tinkering with color, fabric, trims, texture, etc. It may not be the fastest or most direct route but I eventually arrive where I need to be. 

Where do you find inspiration for your next project? 

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