Friday, April 11, 2014

The Comforts of Home

When I hear the phrase "home sweet home", my mind conjures up images of vintage quilts, overstuffed pillows,  lacy linens and doilies in shades of cream and white among other things; all of which have been known to inspire me to perform frequent bouts of clicking my heels together and longing for the comforts of home.

Speaking of longing, I have been longing to get out to the back porch which is where we relax, eat our meals and I do all of my sewing during the 7 or 8 warmest months of the year. You can imagine my frustration with the winter that just would not go away. I cannot tell you how anxious I was to get out on that porch to clean and ready the space for a new season.

Well, we enjoyed our first real spring weather this week and there was enough sunlight to heat our porch to a comfortable temperature so that I could get out there to spring clean. Spending one afternoon out there, I was able to pick up the room and reorganize my sewing shelves.  

The porch I am redecorating. Walls are recently repainted (Nantucket Gray) and woodwork recently stained. Any ideas? Leave them in comment box or email me.

Yesterday I headed out to see if I could find any bargains to start redecorating. I was determined only to pick up reasonably priced items to add to items I already have stashed around the house.

I found this "Home Sweet Home" pillow at TJ Max and I paid $16.99 for it which was fairly reasonable though I know I could have made it for a song BUT who knows when I would have gotten around to it? So it was a bargain for me! (Time can be as precious sometimes as money!)

I really love it! It is resting against an antique cotton coverlet that was given to me by my sister. The coverlet is layered over a quilt in shades of green, beige and cream (hard to see here).

Also at TJ's I purchased a large glass jar candle for $9.99. I know, it is rather plain and ordinary. So.....

I bought this at Michael's. I used the lacy burlap for the candle. The other roll of plain burlap will be used on a wreath.

So the plain, ordinary candle now looks like this......

Such an easy embellishment!

So, for the price of the candle and about 12" of the lacy burlap wrapped around it (I still have most of the burlap roll left) I have the look I was hunting for and it is still way below the price of some name brand candles of the same size. This was a Laura Ashley candle and it smells so nice!

I also found a rug at TJ's that I placed in front of the door. I believe this was also $16.99.

This is the rocking chair I am forced to sit in if my dog makes it to the love seat before me. She loves to snuggle into the pillows as much as I do. The white afghan on the back of the chair was made by my grandmother. I have many afghans and one beautiful hand crocheted tablecloth that she made for me. I cherish these handmade gifts (made with love) and use them all the time. They  my comfort items.

Over the next couple of weeks I will look for a couple of small side tables, table lamps, cushions for the love seat and chairs or perhaps I will end up making cushion covers myself. I am also thinking about buying shades or adding privacy panels to the windows. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for bargains!

Now I have my sewing room back! 

Happy Spring everyone!

"There's nothing like staying at home for real comfort."
Jane Austen

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