Monday, March 24, 2014

Rolling, rolling, rolling....(Serger Thread on Sale)

Do you get excited when you can buy large quantities of sewing supplies on sale? I do!

Last night I stopped in at Joanne Fabrics. I wanted to take a peak at their supply of stretch fabrics (lycra) for some skatewear sewing projects. Nothing really caught my eye BUT I happened to walk by the bins of serger thread and it was on sale: 4 for $5. Wow! It is usually at least $3.29 so this was such a great deal I decided to stock up.

I grabbed 16 spools. (4 each of hot pink, royal blue, purple and white) The sale is on until April 4th so I will go back for some more later. I wanted to check at home to see what other colors I need.

Not only was this a great deal: 16 spools for $20, but the sales person ran out back for a moment and when she came back she said, "You can be my friend for the day" and she had a 25% off  the entire purchase coupon in her hand. So my total purchase came to $15.00. REALLY! So with the coupon, my thread cost less than a $1.00 a spool. 

I was plenty excited! The sales clerk asked me if I wanted her to double bag my purchase. I said that it was not necessary because I was going right out to my car. I left the store with my bulging bag of thread and barely made it to the car when my bag tore open. 16 spools of thread rolled off in every direction in my car.  It could have been much worse. If the bag had burst in the parking lot, even a second or two earlier, I would have been the proud owner of 16 spools of wet, muddy thread.

If you need thread for your serger, check out Joanne's to see if it is on sale where you live. I think the extra 25% coupon expired yesterday but the sale is on until Apr. 4th.

"A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread."
George Herbert