Friday, February 28, 2014

Brown Baggin' It

Easy, Inexpensive Giftwrap Idea

Today is one of those days. I want to hide. I saw a quote on Facebook this morning and it sums up my day pretty well (this may not be exactly how it was worded) "I don't want to be a grown up, I just want to hide in my blanket fort and color."

I woke up feeling ill. I had some injections in my neck on Tuesday and today I seem to have flu-like symptoms and tiredness. I could not rest in bed because we had a contractor coming to sand some sheet rock upstairs that he has been working on for a couple of days. So I decided to sit at the table and do something quiet while sipping some hot tea.

Last night I ran to Joanne Fabrics to grab some needles for my serger. That's all I needed and that's all I went in there for but that's not all I left with. Joanne's was having a clearance sale on Martha Stewart paper punches and it was a mother of all sales.

This set was marked down to $14.97 but.....

this set was marked down to $4.97!! I asked the sales clerk if this was correct and she said yes! Apparently they are downsizing their paper craft section of the store.

I don't do scrapbooking but I do enjoy making my own gift tags, giftbags, etc so today I decided to play with the punches to see what they can do. I have one other set that I used on Christmas tags so I am happy to add to my collection at a fraction of the price!

I started by punching the tops of some kraft lunch bags. (I love using kraft paper for wrapping gifts and these lunch bags have lots of creative uses in crafting and gift wrapping)

The $4.97 bargain punch does this to a 6" square of paper.

A 4" square will yield this pretty little design.

These paper cut outs look cute added to the front of these paper bags. Here they are embellished with kraft flower cutouts.

Add a cute tag with some bakers twine or ribbon....

If you don't want to cut out a tag, you can get prepackaged tags at Joanne's or Michael's. These were in the little dollar bins and each package came with the twine that you see pictured.

Here's a purple and lavender gift bag set with a coordinating tag. I am really enjoying seeing some springy colors considering all we've seen for the past few months is WHITE! More snow is in the forecast for Monday too!

Here is some yellow. How did I make this design? Well, it didn't turn out right because it got jammed so I just cut the wrinkled part off and made a coordinating tag.

Here's a gift bag in a pretty shade of aqua. 

Add a bright splash of color with some aqua and orange tissue, then make a coordinating tag.

The yellow and green are my favorites!

There! That was fun, it took my mind off other things for a while and I have a stash of gift bags ready to use. These are great for food gift items, small gifts or as party bags. 

Now back to that blanket fort....... 

I used to love building blanket forts when I was a kid but if I was to build one right now, it would have to be made out of comfy patchwork quilts. There would also have to be little white twinkly lights hanging inside and some overstuffed floor cushions and of course a little table at just the right height to have tea!.....and that's where you'll find my patchwork quilt fort...with my box of jumbo Crayola crayons!

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