Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Little Black (Skating) Dress

I absolutely love it when I find a pattern that inspires me to do it all again. That is exactly what JALIE pattern #2790 did for me! 

I have intended to make my daughter a black skating dress for a while and last weekend we were anticipating more snow and I had a very bad case of cabin fever. (aka the fuel) Adding that fuel to the a President's Sale at Joanne Fabrics (aka the fire), created an explosion of fabric, thread and antique buttons with rhinestone centers in my dining room as I set up both my sewing machine and my serger on one end of my dining room table.

If you missed my original post using this JALIE skating dress pattern, you may see it here:

I purchased black stretch velvet on sale at Joanne's for $8.99 yard. It had a very shimmery gold and silver glitter effect. As soon as I saw the fabric, I knew I had to make a skating dress from it!

I thought that this dress would go together so easily after having such good luck with the first dress. I omitted some details such as the sash that ties in the back, the floral embellishment and the crystals, though I may add some crystals to the front later on.

It did take much less time overall but the lining fabric and the back of the stretch glitter velvet were so slippery that I had a difficult time sewing the skirt onto the top because there were so many slippery layers. The top layer (velvet) kept slipping out of the seam. I should have sewn the bottom of the pieces together with a zig-zag stitch instead of a loose basting stitch before assembling. I will not skip that VERY IMPORTANT STEP again!

I am pleased with the results and it will actually be worn in a show this week.

The dress will be worn with a gold scarf. 

Here is a closer look at the buttons which were a perfect touch to this simple, black dress--I could not get a clear photo of the button. In the center of the button is a large, sparkly rhinestone which is difficult to see in this picture. 

This will be a good basic skating dress, much like the all occasion, little black dress we like to have hanging in our closets. Again, the photos really do not do it justice. The light and the flash appear to react with the glitter on the dress and despite the many times I tried to take a better photo, it just did not happen. 

I really enjoyed making this dress with the exception of sewing the waist seam. I like the challenge of trying to make the same pattern look completely different. With all of the beautiful costume stretch fabrics available online, (and now even Joanne's has a large selection) there are endless possibilities!
What fun!

UPDATE:  2/21/2014

Wearing the dress for an outdoor performance! Chilly!