Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Valentine in a Cup

As Promised!
(Black Forest Torte/Trifle in a Cup)

Today's post is a promise kept. Earlier in the month I posted a similar photo and said that I would be back to show you how to make these delightful little Valentine cups. Well, I am a woman of my word!

So, begin with any devil's food cake. (homemade or mix) Prepare as directed BUT add 1 tsp almond extract. Cool completely or overnight.

Then you will need approx 1 1/2 cartons of whipping cream, 1 8oz cream cheese--softened (I use 1/3 less fat), 1 C confectioner's sugar and 1 1/2 tsp almond extract. Whip the cream, cream cheese, sugar and almond extract until firm peaks form. Set aside.

Open 2 cans of lite cherry pie filling.

Optional: For garnish you can make semi-sweet chocolate hearts or XO's to place on top. If you wish to do this, melt some baker's chocolate with a little butter in a small pan on the stove. I then pour the melted chocolate into a plastic "squirt" bottle and pipe the chocolate onto wax paper covered cardboard. Once firm, they can be used as a garnish. See below.

Begin by putting a spoonful of cherry pie filing in bottom of plastic cup.

Place a dollop of whip cream mixture on top of cherry pie filling.

Next add a layer of small bite-sized pieces of devil's food cake.

Then begin another layer of cream, then pie filling, etc until cup is full.....

You will end up with cups that look like this! YUMMY!


Now for the pretty little chocolate toppers that I told you about....

These were not perfect as I did them in a bit of a hurry and while watching the Olympics. I put them out on my front porch (in the cold) to harden before peeling them off the wax paper.


Crazy Heart!

Yesterday I made 1/2 dozen of these and took them to my daughter in college. These are tied up with a Valentine's Day inspired napkins and a pink plastic spoons!

They would also look very festive on a Valentine's Day party table,
wouldn't they?

I use this recipe at Christmas time and use a trifle dish to prepare it in. It has become a family regular and favorite over the years. I have taken to many events and pot lucks as well and I can tell you that everyone loves it. I have seen grown men lick the dish clean with their fingers! 
This is just a fun way to present it and a sweet way to say I love you!