Saturday, November 8, 2014

Recycled Knee Socks

My Toasty Arm Warmers

While folding some laundry this afternoon, I decided to take a fairly new pair of knee socks out of circulation. Though the chunky knee socks were received as a gift only last Christmas, there were already two holes on the bottom of one sock and three holes on the other.

 My husband noticed me looking over the socks. He asked, "What are you doing?" I told him that I loved these socks but wondered why they wore out so fast. He replied, "Have you seen your feet? They are like industrial grade sand paper!"

 I'll spare you the rest of the conversation!

Anyhoo, I couldn't throw them away. So I recycled them into arm warmers and I have had them on ever since!

I cut the foot off the socks, straight across. In the photo above, you will note the cut. (at top)

I then turned the socks inside out and folded the cut side over 1/4 inch. I pinned all the way around.

I stretched it over my sewing machine and stitched all the way around with a zigzag stitch.

I turned them right side out. Note the cute ruffle effect as a result of being stretched a bit over my sewing machine.

You can see the ruffled effect better in this photo.

I had to try it on. It's pretty toasty warm!

 I was wearing a fleece top, but I placed some lace around it to see if I liked it.

Got a better idea placing it in a crocheted lace sweater sleeve. I like the lace and I love the ruffle! It is so dainty peeking out from a lacey sweater and it adds quite a bit of warmth too. The sock cuff holds them securely in place just under the elbow and they can be pulled down over the hand or pulled up closer to the wrist.

So with lace,

or without;  you can turn all those gently used socks into an accessory that is not only functional in terms of adding a layer of warmth but also fashionable as it peeks out under a sleeve.

I think I will go digging for some more socks!

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  1. I love reusing items instead of just tossing them. You came up with a great idea for something you can really use. I spent some time stacking fabric in my sewing room today. It's all neatened up again! But probably not for long! Sweet hugs my friend, Diane

    1. Hi Diane, yes I couldn't throw these socks out becuz there was no sign of wear anywhere but the foot. They were such cozy socks, lol....and I have really used them, quite a bit actually! My husband just laughs at me! :)

  2. This was a terrific idea Linda! That touch of lace really added a bit of style and elegance to them.

  3. Good morning Diane! lol, thanks! I have worn them almost every day since I made them. Even to bed at night. I am always cold in the evening--don't know why! But these really help. Nice hearing from you!