Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flowers and Candlesticks!

These are some shots of flowers growing in my father's back yard. They are beautiful! Today I brought home a very large bouquet of these large red lillies!

My father was cutting back the plants around this Astilbe because it was getting too crowded.

These double hollyhocks are gorgeous! I love this pale shade of pink. 

So much eye candy in this beautiful garden! I was a bit snap happy with my camera!

 Another feast for the eyes! His beautiful rose bush! Many blooms were already past their prime....I brought a couple stems of these roses home too!

Could not resist a close up of this.....

and this.......

and this.....

Last but not least, another hollyhock. This white bloom is exquisite! 


After a visit with my parents, I went home and found a package waiting for me. It was from Diane at The Checkered Apple. See post:  click here! 

As you can see from her post, I won her 4th of July Patriotic Giveaway! This sweet little pair of candlesticks that she painted arrived at my home today! I was thrilled!

They are so cute! I put them in my kitchen so I could enjoy Diane's handiwork! She is so talented!

Sitting next to my patriotic angel (now my lucky angel), they look adorable! I just love the little cherries she added.

It was fun waiting for them to arrive. Diane and I exchanged several emails over the past 4 days while the package was in transit. She was a bit concerned that the candles would melt since it has been so hot. They took a trip across the country (she lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast) and despite the many miles between us they arrived in one solid piece! No wax oozing from the package!

Thank you so much Diane! I enjoyed participating in your Patriotic Linky Party and it was exciting to be the winner of your sweet patriotic painted candlesticks. I am looking forward to next year's party already! Hope everyone will join in!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Always on My Mind, Forever in My Heart

It's been a busy few days of making angels in 3 colors, sewing (mostly ironing) bags and cosmetic cases and bagging and tagging everything in anticipation of opening my Etsy Shop. I have been listing away and hope to have it open sometime next week. It is a lot of work taking photos and writing about each item!

Trying to keep my space organized is getting difficult so I thought if I could just get everything bagged, I could easily put similar items in marked bins. At the moment my dining room looks like an angel factory and a tote bag boutique, but I hope to do a little organizing before going to bed tonight.

I mentioned in my last post that these angels would make a lovely, heartfelt expression of sympathy and in recent days I have a couple of friends who have suffered the loss of loved ones. So I decided to make a couple of special angels especially for them.

I like the look of mixed media and I would love to delve into it more. Mixing various textures of papers, fabrics, fibers, stamping, painting and stitching is very intriguing to me for sure.  I would have preferred to use stamps and ink for the words on the wings but I don't have a large supply of stamps. (Add stamps and ink to my list of things to buy) So I printed the words out in script font on linen paper and cut them individually before attaching the words to the angels wings. I really like the way it turned out.

After I placed her in a bag of shredded white paper I sprinkled some kraft paper confetti stars around the angel. I used a paper punch to make the stars.

She looks rather angelic in her little white crinkled paper and star filled cellophane bag. In a couple of days, she and another little angel will be sent off with the important task of delivering our messages of sympathy to some special people and to let them know we share in their sadness.

I hope everyone is having a nice 4th of July weekend so far. Here in NH it has been raining and cloudy all day. My husband and daughter marched in a parade a couple of towns away in their Revolutionary War Era kits. (I dare not call them costumes as I get corrected by my husband and daughter every time I slip up) Tomorrow they have a reenactment in Vermont--a busy weekend for them and a peaceful, quiet (I'm smiling) weekend for me!

Today and always, we remember those who courageously fought for our freedoms and for those still serving and in harms way--Always on our minds, forever in our hearts.

I will leave you with one of my favorite Celtic Women songs: it is just beautiful--music, lyrics and all. Enjoy! 

                                                                         O America