Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chevron Tote Bag

Night before last, I cut out all of the pieces to make two tote bags. I purchased the grey and yellow chevron fabrics a couple of days ago on sale and immediately thought what a cute bag they would make!

The first bag should have taken no longer than one-and-a-half hours tops, but of course there was the unexpected....I practiced a few stitches on a scrap piece of fabric and I did not like the way they looked. I wanted perfect little stitches because let's face it--if you're gonna top stitch, it has to be perfect or darn near close to perfect. Well, they looked wobbly, so I threaded, unthreaded and rethreaded a dozen times to see if I could have possibly made a threading mistake. Afterall, it is only the second time using my new sewing machine.

Nothing seemed to change until I realized that the little disc/ doohickey that you put over the spool of thread was laying on my table. Aha! So I put that on, and my stitches looked much better.

Everything went pretty smoothly from there except for when my dog decided to lay on my foot pedal. She likes to be very close to me at all times! We came close to having my right hand machine-appliqued to the front of this tote bag!

I really like the way it turned out. I emailed a photo of it to my daughter and she said it would look cool with a monogram. I think she is right except I have not learned how to use that function on my sewing machine yet. Another day!

Stay tuned as I learn to use more stitches and the monogramming function on my new sewing machine. Before I do that though, I need to run back to the store to buy some bobbins. It only came with two and my others are not the right style # for the machine. I thought Singer bobbins were universal--apparently not!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Stacked Veggies!

The recipe for this little tasty, stacked pile of veggies has been floating around Facebook and it has been a popular post among my friends. I shared the photo on Facebook (it was originally posted by Green Renaissance--click here for link to Green Renaissance Facebook page) and one of my friends made it last night. She posted a photo (and it looked so good) and said that I inspired her to make it. I too, was thinking of making it last night but I didn't have any asparagus.

I went out today and bought some organic asparagus. I boiled it for 10 min and then placed it in cold water. I had already sliced the tomatoes and chopped the basil leaves.

Then I topped each tomato slice with cheese, asparagus and chopped basil leaves and drizzled balsamic vinaigrette over each layer. The original post had a tomato slice on top as well but I used up the tomato and did not want to cut into another. I also used packaged mozzarella but will use fresh mozzarella when I make it again later in the week.

The asparagus was delicious and cooked perfectly! So, so good! My husband did not want to try it! He is not the vegetable fanatic that I am. That's OK--more for me!

Just look at that asparagus!

I will be making this again later in the week! Looking forward to garden fresh tomatoes as garden fresh veggies can only increase the goodness! 

This is another Facebook recipe that will be added to my collection of favorites and made time and time again, for sure! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Just Playing With My New Toy Today

Sampler Turns into Clutch Purse

This morning  I rushed around like crazy to get some household chores done so that I could sit down and play with my new toy!

Yesterday my husband bought me a new sewing machine. I have been doing a lot of looking myself, but not a whole lot of buying. I am always afraid of buying the wrong thing! So he came with me and we did some comparison shopping and we decided to purchase this Singer One Plus!

I took it out of the box yesterday and read the manual and watched the DVD that came with it. So today I was anxious to see if I could thread it (cuz we all know how unhelpful some manuals are) as the illustrations require super duper magnifying glasses to see all the tiny details.

I did make one tiny threading error but fixed it right away and decided to find some scrap fabric to try some basic stitches.

I only tried 4 or 5. There are over 200! Can't wait to try the rest! This machine also monograms so my youngest daughter has already requested monogrammed throw pillows for her bed!

I sewed some batting in between two layers of  scrap fabric and started experimenting and was thinking how neat it looked and my sampler sort of turned into a clutch purse all by itself!

Since it did not start out to be a purse I had to come up with a way to close it, so I chose "the wrap the tie around the button" way. (like you might see on a manilla office envelope) It actually turned out kind of cute and it totally matches a scarf that I have! Love it when that happens!

I love my new sewing machine, it purrs like a kitten and is much quieter than my other sewing machines. I will have some adjusting to do as I have been sewing on my other machine for years and can thread it with my eyes closed. This machine requires me to have both eyes open! In time, though, I am sure I will conquer it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! My husband is marching in 2 parades this weekend (as a Revolutionary War Reenactor) and tonight we are meeting some friends out of town for dinner. Looking forward to that!

My husband and our youngest daughter as Revolutionary War Reenactors.

My husband (far left) and my daughter (center) I have always loved this photo!

I am ever mindful and thankful to those who sacrificed their lives for this great nation and continue to pray for those still in harms way. God Bless America!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

There's a Patriotic Linky Party in Town

There's a Patriotic Linky Party and Giveaway going on and I am linking up!

WHERE:   The Checkered Apple: CLICK HERE to join the fun!

WHEN:   Now through 4th of July (at midnight)

HOSTESS:   Diane

So head on over to post your patriotic projects past or present. I linked up my Patriotic Pillow shown above and it is a project from last year! I am also putting on my patriotic, creative thinking cap to come up with something new to add to the party! Here is the link to my original post and tutorial: Stars and Stripes Pillow Tutorial .

You can also follow the link at the end of the tutorial post and it will take you to Diane's Patriotic Linky Party! Hope you come and join the fun!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Angels Can't Wait So Dinner was Late!

Today I spent some time working on my paper angels. I fully intended to work on these last Christmas but time got away from me and I never got back to them.

My original post about these angels is HERE!

My plan is to tweak them by added beads and bobbles, possibly some charms, etc. So I made this little heavenly lady and added two heart charms and a pearl bead to the wire hanger. One heart charm says "made with love." My preference is that the hangers and halos be made from gold wire but I could not locate the gold wire and I did not have any gold charms to use.

These little angels look sweet hanging anywhere! You can never have too many angels hanging around!

I nestle them in wreaths too! Since I make these angels in any color, they can add a nice country touch to dried floral arrangements or simply tucked into a country vignette in any room.

I have also inserted a bamboo skewer and added them to fresh flowers and house plants, and of course I put them on my Christmas tree. 

I got so engrossed in this project that I lost track of the time and realized that dinner was going to be late! 

I needed something quick! So I threw some large shrimp in a baking dish and dusted them with Italian bread crumbs, sea salt, and pepper. I poured some melted butter over it all and added parsley and Old Bay seasoning. Then I tossed it in the oven.

Doesn't that look good?


I also roasted some baby potatoes in olive oil and seasoned them with dill and garlic.

These are delicious too!

Then my favorite vegetable--brussel sprouts! Sauteed in olive oil with garlic. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Dinner was late, but it was worth waiting for. Even better was how fast it was to prepare, just a matter of minutes. 

After dinner I went back to finish up my angel. This particular one is for a friend of mine. I wrapped her up in some cellophane and tied it with some twine and some sparkly ribbon, added a gift tag and curled the gold ribbon.

Now that I have some new ideas I will be keeping my eyes peeled for some pretty beads, little charms and miniature items that can be used to really personalize these angels for gifts. The next time I show you my angels I hope to have a very large heavenly host of them!

For  my friend who is like an angel to me!

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