Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Compensating for Holiday Eating

Following several days of eating traditional Thanksgiving foods,(Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, butternut squash, peas, etc and an assortment of desserts) I found myself craving healthier meal choices, so it came as no surprise that while grocery shopping yesterday, I filled my grocery cart with plenty of spring greens, lettuce, fruits, veggies and various nuts.

I have had enough of this:

....and this:

and this:

and this....among other things.

Tonight while my husband is out of town,  I grilled some chicken tenders that were in the fridge for a much needed salad and topped my spring greens and lettuce salad with the grilled chicken seasoned with garlic, along with a sliced bosc pear, a little red onion, some dried cranberries and walnuts and of course a drizzling of blue cheese (yogurt) dressing. It was delicious! Just enough crunch!

I truly love all the foods on our typical Thanksgiving Day menu but all those carbs......and not exactly lowfat either. After two or three days of eating like that I feel like crawling into a cave and hibernating until spring. Please don't wake me....

Since hibernation is not a practical option for me, salads like these help me get back on track.

Time with my family over the Thanksgiving weekend was especially precious this year as we did not have an opportunity to spend time with my two older daughters over the summer or fall as we usually do. Thanksgiving  was the first time we were all together for any length of time. We stayed up late Friday night chatting, laughing and catching up.

We will all be together again on Christmas although my oldest daughter will be leaving during the Christmas Day festivities to spend time with her fiance's family. So, we will just have to make the most of Christmas Eve.

 My three daughters will carry out their traditional "Christmas Eve Sister's Gift Exchange" which is always fun to watch and then they will open their Christmas Eve pajama package which my daughter's fiance very graciously participated in for the first time last year! They will all open pajamas and wear them to bed on Christmas Eve! We have been doing this for years!! It's a family tradition!

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