Saturday, November 23, 2013

Seeing Red and Loving It!

My husband ripped down the wallpaper a couple of weeks ago in my kitchen. The walls had been in a state of needing a makeover for a while. I just could not decide what I wanted to do. For years I have wanted some shade of red paint on the walls but was afraid of ending up with the wrong shade so I avoided it altogether. Red intimidates me and is a bold statement completely out of my color comfort zone.

I began looking at paint chips. I looked at paint chips until I was blue in the face. I went to the Benjamin Moore website and fiddled with their "paint a room" application and studied their colors some more. A friend of mine (who is more of an artist than she admits to be) helped me out and coincidentally was at the paint store when I arrived to buy the paint. I went in to the store with a color in mind and ended up buying a totally different shade. I settled on Parisian Red.

This is the closest photo I got to a "before" photo. Completely forgot to take one with the wallpaper still on the walls. As you can see, the ladder has been through many wall paintings (accidents to be exact) and now it sports Parisian Red as well......

This is the primer on the wall. The paint tech at the store accidentally tinted the primer. It looks more orangey red in this photo than it actually is.

This is the second coat. I am starting to warm up to this shade of paint and glad that I took one giant step out of my color comfort zone!

One wall done!

Loving the red!

The wall on the other side of the room is all painted too. My husband painted that wall today. 

We have ordered shades (which will hide the ugly window) My husband now wishes he had replaced the window before he painted but I say that's a project for warmer weather and it will wait for next spring or summer. I don't like beginning building projects too close to the holidays. As it stands, my kitchen is totally displaced and cooking was not easy tonight.  I threw together a Shepherd's Pie because it can be thrown together!

I am shopping for curtains and a new pot rack. I also need a small cupboard to replace the little rack I have next to the kitchen table.

Tomorrow my husband will touch up any weak spots in the paint (he noticed a couple tonight) and then I will put my kitchen back in order. Once my shades and curtains are up, I will put some updated photos on my blog.

For the record, red does not make my small kitchen seem smaller or too dark. I really thought it would. It's a very warm, cozy color and I love it!