Sunday, September 8, 2013

Golden Photo Opportunities

Our strategy worked quite well yesterday. Taking our dog for a walk did improve her behavior (she has been on restricted activity since June due to illness) so we decided to take her for another walk today. If you missed yesterday's walk in the woods, you can see photos HERE.

The day started out a bit dark and dreary but then cleared to an absolutely gorgeous day. We walked down an old railroad trail and nature provided many photo opportunities. I was able to capture some beautiful autumn yellows and golds in my photos. It was a fall feast for the eyes!

There were wildflowers galore....

This wildflower lined both sides of the dirt trail. I have never noticed this before.....

Lots of golden rod (hachoo....excuse me!) and a violet colored wildflower near the top of the photo!

These things we do not other dog Willie, got covered in them once. It took forever to get them out of his long fur! 

....fields of gold, so pretty!

.....and more!

This was one tall milkweed towered over me!  Looked like one hungry caterpillar paid it a visit!

Standing tall and alone....

The trail....

Here I was wishing I had the camera with the big zoom lens. There on the rock at the center of the river, a very large heron was standing. You can barely see it in this photo.

A change in the color scheme....soon the leaves will be sporting shades of red.

This tree was covered in what appeared to be wild grapes, except that we could not find one grape on the tree. It was like a little hut.

Finally, back to where we started from. What an absolutely beautiful, autumn day! The third one in a row......and here by my side, Ellie is resting quietly. Mission accomplished!

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