Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just a Walk in the Woods

Today was not a sew what day--it was a do what day! Here in New Hampshire, we are enjoying Day 2 of PICTURE PERFECT fall weather. The weather was also perfect for a walk in the woods and that is what we decided to do. 

We took our dog Ellie for a very slow walk as she is still recovering from heartworm treatment and her activity is restricted.

Her behavior inside the house has been deteriorating due to boredom and her restricted activity. Yesterday she got into a lot of mischief (she chewed up 3 paint brushes, the upholstery brush to my vacuum cleaner, a pencil, a roll of duct tape, a fairy ornament and a decorative pine cone) so we decided that she needed to get out of the house! She is sleeping nicely beside me right now--such a pleasant change from yesterday's behavior! So I guess the walk worked!

This path is not far from my house. It leads to a lookout of the city of Keene, mostly the east side which is where I live. It is a nice walk, especially in the fall. Today it was a bit buggy though.

One thing you will learn about me today is that I am fascinated by mushrooms! My husband made fun of me for taking photos of them all, but check out the different varieties I found on my walk today! 

The one pictured above was very large! It had an interesting trumpet shape to it.

There will be more mushrooms ahead....

Following the was very quiet, no sound other than the song of some very happy birds. In the past I have walked here and heard owls. Today while snapping another photo, a large owl flew out of a tree and flew up into a higher tree. I think I startled it.Unfortunately I missed catching a photo of it.

As I promised, more mushrooms! This is shaped like a flower and has a very thick stem. I know you are probably sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the next mushroom, so here it is below.

This pinkish/red mushroom makes a bold statement on the ground covered in brown leaves. 

At this point we will be taking a brief mushroom break  but you will get to see a few more on the trip back down. I promise!

This stonewall was no surprise to me since I have walked this trail so many times.  I do love coming upon unexpected picturesque stonewalls in the woods though. They are a common sight in the woods of New England. 

Ellie got to this point and turned to me as if to say, "Um, there's a log in the way. Do I go under it or over it?"  It was actually higher than it appears in the picture. She went under, I went over and the leash got tangled. I wasn't really in the mood to be doing the limbo in the woods.....I mean, not without the music! (Do you remember the limbo rock or am I just old?)

We are nearing the vista and you can see a clearing through the trees. At this point we always wonder who else will be at the top enjoying the view.

Getting closer, we don't hear anyone talking. Could we be alone up here on a day like today?

Yup, we are alone. No one is here but us. Usually there are people sitting on the rock and Ellie likes to go over to introduce herself to everyone, get her head patted as she begs for a belly rub. She is a very social dog. This will not be a social outing for her today.

The view is calling Ellie and she drags me over closer to the rock.

      Ellie and I sit down on the rock so we can have a photo taken. 

                                 One more for good measure!

Ellie relaxing in the grass.

Heading back I noticed mushrooms that I didn't see on the way up!

This one was pretty tall.....

Too bad this one is broken, it was unusual looking....and look how thick the stem is on it. By now my husband is making more comments on my apparent mushroom obsession, comparing my stops to take photos of mushrooms to the frequent stops my dog makes to sniff and, well, tinkle....I beg to differ!

This one is neat! I have never seen fungus this color before. It was the color of cheetos! 

These looked like sea urchins......

Last but not least, this single leaf says it all. Fall is definitely here! Soon all of the trees will be showing off their fiery hues. I will have to take this walk again when the foliage is at peak. 

Well, that's it for now. Just so that you know, I am not the only one who takes an interest in fungi. There is actually an entire website called Mad About Mushrooms ( I will have to visit the site to see if I can identify the mushroom specimens I found today. AND in case you also happen to be a mushroom maniac, the website even has an online gift shop! 

Have a great weekend!