Friday, August 9, 2013

Victorian Ribbon Dolls

Three Lovely Ladies

These lovely framed Victorian, ribbon, paper dolls belonged to my Grandmother. I don't know the history of these paper dolls--whether or not she made them or they were given to her--but I sure do remember admiring them when I was a little girl. I still could look at them all day! They are beautiful!

I apologize for the glare; at times I had to photograph using a flash and there is sometimes a reflection in the glass. (It is a very dark and rainy day here.)

I have a set of three, all framed, though all are in various stages of disrepair and I would love to have them restored.  

The pink lady on the right is in the worst shape. She is no longer attached inside the frame and the frame itself is in pieces. This will allow me to show you how she is made.

First, take a look at how beautiful she is. I love her floral bouquet made of ribbons and the very dainty ribbon flowers in her hair.

You can see that the background she should be attached to is bubbly if you look closely.

Here is a closeup of the upper portion of the doll. She even has a wave in her hairdo.

Isn't she lovely?

This is her backside--no disrespect intended! It is made from a piece of cardboard and the ribbon ruffles are just rows of sewn on ribbon. Hmmm, giving me some ideas for future projects!

Another photo of the back.

I love the lavender in this one! Not sure which one is my favorite.

Here is a closeup of the floral bouquet. Looks like a lot of intense, close hand work! Not sure my eyes can handle it. At the very least, I will need new glasses before trying my hand at this. But I would sure love to try!

This lovely pink lady is wearing a hat. I just love the lace pantaloons. Very pretty!

Which is your favorite?

This one?

This one?

...or this one? I do love this one but I think... 

this pretty lady is my favorite!

These are too beautiful to be sitting around collecting dust. I would like to have them restored so that I can admire them once again hanging on the wall. Looking at these framed Victorian beauties takes me right back to my childhood and conjures up fond memories of spending the night at my grandmother's house.
 Certainly gave me something wonderful to dream about. I mean, what little girl would not dream of wearing such elegance? 

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