Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Angel Got Her Wings!

I think I may be in heaven.....

My newest little angel....she just earned her wings about an hour ago!

I spent yesterday trying to figure out how to make my angels that I originally had made from recycled curtains (see yesterday's post HERE ). Today I really wanted to tweak the wings and determine and cut actual pattern pieces so I decided to pull out some fabric scraps. After seeing her completed (my little angel above) I know that I can use any fabric and use a multitude of embellishments and I can actually stray from white and cream colored fabrics and still create  something that resembles a little cherub! I love her!

Here she is standing up....

She is very cute! I like the lace around the wings.... and the rough zig-zag stitching.

Here they are together....the second one was so much fun to create! The first one, well, I nearly hurled my sewing machine out the porch window because it was giving me trouble.
I cannot wait to make some more of these little cherubs! Heading to Joanne's to get some spanish moss to try adding some hair.

I imagine that soon I will have an entire choir of these little angels! I will keep you posted.

Another Angel Update: Three's a Charm!

The angel (below) has 2 rows of lace edging around the wings.

Soul sisters.....

....and then there were three. 

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