Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Take on Mom's Spinach Pie

Spinach Pie Take 2

Last summer I introduced you to my mom's spinach pie. That's what I was craving for dinner tonight. I really did not want to use my oven as it has been too warm and humid today, but when I crave spinach pie, I just have to have it! I tweaked the original recipe (which can be found HERE ) I added 1can of artichoke hearts, and instead of 2 bags of spinach I used one bag of frozen broccoli florets and 1 bag of spinach.  I also added 1 extra egg and a tad more garlic. 

While that was baking in the oven I grabbed a bag of organic mixed spring greens and made a quick salad. To the greens I added blueberries and sliced strawberries. I sprinkled chopped almonds on top.

I realized that I did not have any gorgonzola or blue cheese to sprinkle on top.  Oh no! :( 

Spinach pie baked for about 50 minutes....it was nicely browned around the edges and it smelled oh so good!

Looking through the refrigerator for a specific balsamic vinaigrette,
I happened to find a gorgonzola/pear vinaigrette! PERFECT!

Poured on some gorgonzola/pear vinaigrette and tossed the salad! It really tasted like I had added the cheese!
Dinner was so good tonight! You really have to try this. It is such a versatile dish...and a favorite dish in this household!
What other ingredients could I use? I am thinking pesto might be good, maybe adding zucchini.....

We ate on the porch. We were serenaded by an approaching thunderstorm which has become part of the daily routine over the past couple of weeks. It is still raining....I don't mind rain but I admit it is beginning to get old.

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