Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ice Tea for Me!

Tea With Lemon on the Rocks Please!

It has been a long run of heat and humidity (mostly humidity) and as I write this post a thunderstorm is in progress. It isn't one of those intense, violent storms but rather a gentle rain and an occasional clap of thunder. Most of the more constant thunder rumbles off in the distance. I like these kinds of thunderstorms.

Quenching my thirst was on my list of things to do today as well as laundry and grocery shopping. Before heading out to grocery shop, I boiled two quarts of water, added 6 regular LIPTON tea bags and 4 TAZO orange tea bags and covered to steep for 7-8 minutes. Then I refrigerated after cooling for a bit.

When I got home the tea was cooler . I added sliced lemons.

Lemons--one of my favorite fruits and flavors! When life gives me lemons I say thank you very much!

Grabbed myself a cup and filled it with ice.....

And there you have it--Orange Ice Tea on the Rocks with Lemon

I like my tea a little on the weak side and the Tazo adds a subtle citrus twist which is really refreshing and thirst quenching. I sat down on the porch, put my feet up on the wicker table (oh oh!) and enjoyed my tea. 

In the short time I have taken to write this post, the gentle rain has become a torrential downpour and the thunder and lightning has picked up as well. Still far from being a violent storm. This has been our weather trend over the past week or so. Hoping tomorrow brings us a little sun! Have a great week and stay cool!