Sunday, June 23, 2013


How to Survive a Cake DISASTER! A DIY Fix!

Over a week ago I called a local bakery to have a special cake made for my daughter's graduation. They were completely booked due to many graduation cake requests. Since my oldest daughter lives in the Boston area I decided to find a bakery near her. Knowing she would be coming up the day before the party to attend the evening graduation, well, I just thought how convenient that she could pick it up! No problem, right? WRONG!

I called the shop and told them my daughter wanted an all pink theme so the cake should be pink. The baker asked me to send her an email with some details and she would get right back to me. By the next morning, I had heard nothing so I called the shop again. She never received my email. So we went over the details again and I told her my daughter would pick it up Friday morning at 10. (Even thought the party was on Saturday)

My daughter and her fiance went to the bakery earlier that morning to eat breakfast and then asked for the cake. It was not frosted yet because they thought she was picking it up the next morning. PANIC! She had to leave to come here as she is almost 3 hours away from us and she had errands to complete before graduation that afternoon. She was sent home for a couple of hours while they frosted the cake. However, the frosting had not set and during the long ride home the frosting started to melt and the cake eventually ended up breaking in 2 places. This is what I saw when it arrived:

No way was that going on my dessert table!

Now that is some bad penmanship! 

Not to mention--not in my color scheme!

There were tears--I admit! Though I don't think anyone noticed....

WHAT TO DO??? I went to graduation that night heartsick as I had over 70 people coming to a party at 2:00 the next day and I already had to decorate the camp that we rented, make potato salad, additional sandwiches etc. and lug all the party "stuff" to the camp. I worried and fretted all during graduation! To top it off, people stood up in front of us the entire time so I never saw my daughter at all during the ceremony! I will have to wait for the video!

While we were at graduation, we had placed the cake in our freezer chest and it froze enough that my daughter was able to scrape off all the previously melted chocolate lettering and those other chocolate things in the corner that resembled graduation caps...????

THE FIX!!! I went to bed late doing some other food prep and got up early to make a batch of white frosting thinking I was going to have to refrost the entire cake, but then I realized I could use all the frosting that had been star-tipped on and melted and I used it to refrost all sides and part of the top. There were two big cracks so I printed off a photo I had taken of my daughter just before graduation and I slipped it into a plastic magnet enclosure and covered the back with wax paper. Then I framed the photo with star tipping. Then I star-tipped a border around the entire cake (top and bottom) and in all 4 corners where some chocolate had melted into the frosting. We added a bow (the graduates idea and my mom happened to have some pink ribbons) and the little white edible pearls which were perfect as the grad had pearls on around her neck and it all tied in nicely!!!!!


The ribbon actually hides a crack that went all the way through the cake. 

The photo covered up another crack.

Not perfect, but it is a cake I can live with! At least more presentable!

PS The bakery did not charge us for the cake. (lol now but not lol then....)Though it will not go down in history for being the prettiest cake, it was absolutely most delicious. (Vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream frosting with my white frosting) It made for a great story at the party. I brought a "BEFORE" photo to show everyone!

Party photos to follow.....

Updated 4/27/2014

"A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do whenever anything unexpected happens."
Lord Baden-Powell

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