Friday, June 7, 2013

Visualizing on a Friday (TGIF)

Happy Friday to you all!

Me in Bermuda--2011
Today I am visualizing that I am in another place--preferably with PALM TREES! 

It has been a busy week and I am glad it is Friday. I don't even mind that it is raining, cool and damp. OK, I mind a little, but just the cool part. It is 52 chilly degrees!

I began sewing a pink batik bag last night and realized I didn't have quite enough fabric to complete the straps in the length that I would like. So it was off to the fabric store this morning for just one more fat quarter that I needed. RIGHT? WRONG! None left....$#@*&%......what I meant was ahhhhhhhhhhh! Well I do have a fat quarter that coordinates so that may have to do.

I did just try to take photos to ask you all for another opinion but as luck would have it my camera battery is exhausted! Well, that makes two of us!

The most I can do today is tell you that I am linking up with the 


So many blogs to connect with....I haven't finished yet visiting all the hosts and co-hosts but I am working on mingling and making the rounds. I am pretending that I have a pina colada in one hand (with a little pink umbrella in it, skewered with pineapple and a cherry) and a beach bag in the other. I am walking barefoot through the hot sand and catching the ocean breeze. The surf is pounding the beach! ....and I am looking for a palm tree with my name on it! Yup, that's where I want to be. ALOHA from ..............New Hampshire!

More photos from Bermuda

 I will leave you with this view--it isn't Hawaii, it is Bermuda and I am going back! Have a lovely weekend! If you are on the East Coast, stay dry!