Friday, May 31, 2013

I Got Sunshine......and Laughter in My Forecast Today!

In true NH fashion, I woke up to temperatures already in the 70's and it is promising to be a scorcher today with temperatures rising into the 90's. Only 3 days ago, I was freezing and had the heat cranked. Now I need to get the air conditioner in. So I am shedding my Land's End fleece pajamas and packing 'em away AGAIN! Hopefully for the last time this spring.

I took a photo this morning of the rhododendron in my front yard. The color is so vibrant--even more so than this photo shows.

More blossoms to open soon....

Sure do love the colors of spring. Now that it appears the chances of frost are really behind us, time to put in some annuals. I usually do this on Memorial Day Weekend so I am only one week behind.

Heading to the skating rink this afternoon with my daughter so I will escape the scorching temperatures for a bit. Once I am home this evening, I plan to sew. Have plenty of cosmetic cases already cut out and ready to stitch. They were originally posted here: click
to view.

Hope everyone has a splendid day! The blue sky, sun and warmth of spring makes me want to go outside and kick up my heels! My bonus today:  meeting a dear friend for lunch. She just makes me laugh!