Friday, May 10, 2013

Today and for 3 Days: It's All About Karen's Coconut Cake!

                                (See below for Link to this Post--Sew Many Ways) 

Today will not be a sewing day for me! Though my plans for the day drastically changed at the last minute (making my day a bit easier) I still have a few things to do during the course of the day that will not be conducive to starting a sewing project.

First I have to get my dog to the vets. She (Ellie) needs a vaccination. Shouldn't ordinarily be a big deal but it is! My husband left very early this morning too work out-of-state and he normally comes with me for this
two-man job of getting Ellie to the vets.

Why a 2-man job? Well, Ellie does not like to sit in the back seat or even in an empty passenger seat. She prefers to sit on the driver's lap. Personally I find this a bit distracting, as she is a 65 pound flat-coat retriever. Commands of "no", "down", and "flat" do not register with her when she is going for a "bye-bye ride" in the car.

Ellie:  Look at how adorable she is!

I have decided that today I will try to lug her very large crate out to the car and transport her in that. I am hoping she has completely forgotten her last vet experience which included surgery, an overnight stay and leaving with a very large lampshade collar which she immediately got out of, chewed up and hid all evidence of behind her loveseat upon returning home.

After I get home from the vets, I am going to begin making that lovely, 3-day coconut cake that Karen from Sew Many Ways posted a week or so ago. Click here  "Yummy Sounding Coconut Cake"  to see her post and  photos of the preparation of one delicious looking cake. I saw that photo, read through the recipe and went straight out to purchase all of the ingredients. I haven't made it yet because I haven't had a schedule that would allow me to be home to complete the cake on the third day. So I planned the cake into my schedule for the week. It's a Mother's Day gift to myself. I will be home on Sunday for Mother's Day and I will be eating Coconut Cake! Thanks to Karen!

Well, gotta go pack Ellie's crate into my car. Wish me luck! I will let you know how the cake turns out! In the meantime, if you would like the recipe, Karen has a step-by-step recipe with photos on her blog. Click on the link in the paragraph above!

Linking this post to Karen's party at SEW MANY WAYS Annie's Birthday Party . Her adorable dog is celebrating her 13th birthday!  Now that's a party I cannot miss. I am obsessed with dogs! Check out all the other dogs who will be attending with their owners!