Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mission Accomplished

Remember this? (from an older post: All Tied Up )

I finally finished the five sets of cosmetic cases that I needed for gifts. The gray and white set made from the fabrics shown above was completed last night.

It turns out that the gray set is actually one of my favorites. 

Then I thought that it might be neat to try making a set from 
denim jeans. I still have a pant leg left from another recycled jeans project I had done and there was still plenty of fabric to make two bags. So I found a fat quarter that would match nicely. I made the larger bag from the fat quarter and lined it with denim. The denim also serves another purpose. Since it is a heavier weight fabric, it doesn't have to be padded. Here both sides of the bag are pictured....

Inside lining in denim below (from recycled jeans)

The denim lining went in so easily. There was no third layer. (fusible batting adds bulk and makes the top stitching a little difficult sometimes) 

recycled denim

Here are the pair....I added a strip of the fat quarter just to add a little oomph to the plain denim. All was well until I realized that the stitching on the top edge of the fat quarter strip was bad (my bobbin messed up). I had the entire bag sewn and the stitching came undone. DILEMNA! Should I take the entire thing apart. Nope! So I did the top stitching over by hand. It was late and I should not have attempted it but I did and it is not perfect. Don't look too closely!

cosmetic case from recycles jeans

Nevertheless, here it is...I did not have a roll of blue organza or wide ribbon to tie it up with, but I will purchase a roll because the denim went together nicely and I will definitely be making more. I have lots of jeans to recycle!

diy coordinating cosmetic cases

...and finally here are all five sets. I will be making myself a set some day to keep my pocketbook organized. 

There, mission accomplished! Now on to the next project on my ever growing list of projects to complete.