Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update: All Tied Up

Did not get any sewing done yesterday. We had a college visit in Rhode Island with my youngest daughter. It was a three hour drive to get there and we were all pretty exhausted by the time we got home.We made our decision--finally- and she will be going to school there. 

As much as I would've loved to have sewn last night, I find that it is never productive to start a project when I am that tired. So the only thing I accomplished was to tie up my latest bundle in some turquoise tulle and I took photos of it. The lighting was not good so I took a better photo today.

My daughter would like a set of duffel bags to take to school with her in the fall. (in three different sizes so they can be stored inside each other to save space) I look forward to finding the fabric (most likely PINK--she loves PINK) and starting that project as well. I will most likely tuck in a matching set of these little bundles as well!

Third set done....was making five sets but may never stop making these now. Also have received requests to make some for others. So fast and so fun! Best part is tying them up in tulle, organza or gossamer.

This would be nice to use with....

this bag....from an earlier post   Click here!

I still have the gray set to complete and then another color combination.  I never did get to Joanne Fabrics to pick up that gray zipper I needed. Though now it appears I am going to need zippers by the carload. 

Next I would like to try sewing them in other fabrics and even embellished, embroidered, appliqued, perhaps with a wrist band. Once you know how to sew any basic bag, your  creative options become endless.
Sometimes I cannot sleep at night because so many ideas pop into my head.