Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Couple Shades of Gray

After Dinner Project

diy field bag/satchel

Satchel made from recycled twill pants

I was bored after dinner. That is never a good thing. Boredom forces me to look for things to do and I usually find things to do. Tonight I happened to let my dog outside when I noticed a pile of outgrown pants that belonged to my daughter sitting in a neat pile on my back porch table.  I sew out there in the summer.

I picked up the gray pair. Don't know why. There was not a spot of wear to be found anywhere on these pants. I remembered a gray paisley fat-quarter I had in my stash and pulled it out. Perfect match!  So naturally I decided to make a bag. I have long wanted to sew one with a flap so I put my mind to conjuring up a field type bag, lined with the gray paisley fabric, inside and outside pockets and a flap. With a basic plan in my head I cut out all the pieces. I did not use a pattern. I mostly eyeballed it. 

Outside (cut off most of one pant leg)

Inside lining

Outside pocket to attach to front

 Inside pocket (I love this one--IT ZIPS!)

Did some stitching, cut out some more pieces for the long strap and stitched up the strap and top stitched it too. The straps were cut from the other pant leg. Only thing left to do is top stitch at the very top. I will do that tomorrow. My husband has gone to bed and I am sewing in the room under our bedroom. It's a bit noisy though my husband never complains!

This is what I ended up with--exactly what I had conjured up in my mind! The flap is lined with the same fabric as the inside of the bag.

Here is a peek inside. I was able to utilize a pocket from the side of the pants. I love that it has a zipper.
I am happy with the way it turned out. I made myself a khaki green field bag last year. I used that thing all summer and fall and it still looks brand new. 

I don't really enjoy watching television in the evening. I 'd rather sew. It relaxes me. 

The good news is that there is a large pile of pants out there waiting to be turned into something. I promise the next project will not be dull gray. I saw the cutest pink, sort of shabby-chic print pair of pants in the pile. I remember my daughter wearing those pants when she was about 7.  She is now 17! Almost 18. So I have hung on to them all these years for some reason. I will use that pair next. After all, it is spring.

I happened to look up gray in the dictionary because I wasn't entirely sure how to spell it for this post. Grey, or Gray????? Turns out both ways are correct though "GRAY" is the preferred spelling. Then I read further that gray means literally a color without color. Interesting!

how to reuse old clothing

Anyhow here is my latest shabby field bag. It's color (gray) is somewhere between black and white and  is frequently associated with boredom, dullness and indifference according to the dictionary. That certainly  explains a lot tonight!

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"Life isn't black and white. It's a
million gray areas, don't you find?"
Ridley Scott

Gift Tags for that Handmade (Made from the Heart) Gift!

Handmade Gift Tags--embellished with fabric scraps!

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