Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Days Are Here Again!

DIY tote

Yesterday was Saturday! It was the first Saturday I have had to myself at home, in 20 weeks and it felt so good to be home. I lounged in my jammies, admired all the week-old "after-the-show" floral bouquets still in their glory, (below are some blossoms that I just cannot get enough of) drank plenty of coffee and decided it was time to fire up the sewing machine again. I have missed sewing!

Going to have to relocate these flowers so that I have room to sew....


Love that shade of purple!

so pretty!

I had to keep sniffing this rose!

This one is HUGE!

Anyways, I got out my sewing machine and set it up on my dining room table and looked through my stash of fabric....guess I was inspired by the large blossoms in my bouquets!

Grabbed a pile of fat quarters for a new tote--bold red floral print on turquoise. This is a gift for a friend.....I cut out all the pieces and started sewing. 

Outside of bag....went together so easily! I really do enjoy sewing these bags! Decided if I was going to spend the day sewing I had better throw together something easy for dinner.
 I have been craving Shepherd's Pie and a crunchy salad. I have been needing some comfort food. Just as I was thinking that Spring had arrived, we got blasted with more snow and now more cold. So I have been thinking a lot about comfort food. Cold weather makes me want to hibernate and cook....taking a break to go throw diner is in the oven!

Inside of bag....

Getting ready to sew the inside lining to the tote

Sewn but dinner is ready to come out of the oven.....will return to my bag after dinner. 

Just your basic Shepherd's Pie!

With a garden salad....

and rolls.

It tasted sooooo good! Dishes are done and now I am ready to get back to sewing!

My favorite step--turning it right side out....first the handles emerge.

Next, the body of the bag is pulled out.

I always check at this point to make sure the side seams lined up nicely....they did!

Top-stitched around the top edge of the bag....

Tote bag is done!

Additional views....

I so enjoyed my Saturday at home. "There's no place like home."  I love to cook and I love to sew. That is all I accomplished today and it was enough! This bag lady is baaack!!!

"I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can't do something half-way, three-quarters, nine tenths. If I'm going to do something, I go all the way."
Tom Cruise


Got scraps of leftover fabric? 

Make a "handmade especially for you" tag to attach to your gift item from coordinating fabric scraps. This tag is created by cutting a piece of oak tag (but nice card stock works well--my supply has run out)

Using a paper punch, make a hole in the upper left corner of folded gift tag.

Cut out shapes from fabric used to make the item. Any shape. I have used hearts, stars...hearts are nice:  "handmade from the heart".

Then just stitch them to the oak tag using a sewing machine. Carefully outline stitch, turning as you go (leave needle in down position when you need to turn) I have used a zig-zag stitch and it works equally well.

Next, find ribbons, cut narrow widths of fabric or twine and loop it through the hole in the tag and pull the ends up through the loop...I used a couple of very narrow pieces of the bag fabric and a red piece of raffia....

fabric embellished gift tags

When the tag is finished, attach to the bag with a tiny, gold safety pin. This adds such a nice, personal touch to any handmade gift. 

I have also made note cards and greeting cards using fabric scraps. They are so fun to create! Dig out some fabric scraps and give it a try!